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An air filter is an essential component of an AC that carries out several tasks and removes dirt or pollen from the air. The air holds many allergens and dirt. A clean air filter is crucial to ensure the AC system’s proper functioning. 

If the air filter is left unclean, you may have to look for AC repair in Rancho Cucamonga

Possible Issues with Air Filters 

The system is prone to experiencing certain hiccups while functioning if it does not have a new filter every six months. The technicians offering AC repair Rancho Cucamonga state that the following problems could take place: 

Improper cooling

The AC system has a network of ducts running through the entire home or space. This is usually the setup that is present with non-ductless systems. When the air filter is not replaced consistently, the system faces the unequal cooling that takes place. 

That is, certain regions of the space are colder than other spaces. On the other hand, certain places will receive little to no cooling. 

Increased allergens

For individuals susceptible to dust and pollen allergies, living in a space with air conditioning is significantly better. This occurs because of an air filter. 

A cleaner air filter will mean that the unit is more capable of catching these allergens. In some cases, the buildup of allergens on the surface of the filter will mean that the AC is releasing them back into the air of the home. 

Frequent cycling

Typically, an AC that is functioning optimally will follow certain cycles of cooling. During these cycles of cooling, the AC will release cold air at the desired temperature. Once the cycle duration is complete, the AC stops. 

However, a dirty air filter does not make this process easy since the efficiency decreases immensely. Meaning that the AC will have to run for longer or have more frequent cycles to cool a room to the desired temperature. 

Frozen components 

The air that the AC sucks in will pass through the filter. From here, it comes in contact with the coils and gets converted into cold air. However, when the filter is clogged with debris, the air will not travel from the filter to the coils. 

Thus, the temperature inside the unit will drop lower and may cause the fluids inside to freeze over. In some cases, an entire portion of the unit will develop ice crystals. This will require air conditioning repair in Yorba Linda for the homeowners that reside there. 

Build of internal dust

Finally, not replacing the air filter will mean that the unit will experience a dust buildup internally. This means that components like evaporator and condenser coils, blower motor, and more will all have a layer of dust on the surface. This helps to the wear and tear of the system. 

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