Prime pool weather is upon us, and thousands of people across the state are cooling off in their pools. Before you jump into yours, though, there are some things you need to consider. Is your pool in the best shape it can be? Are there any aspects of your pool, especially the systems that maintain it, which should be reevaluated? Specifically, is your pool pump reliable enough to last another summer? Let’s take a closer look at the pool pump, and why it might be a good idea to install a new one.

Why a Pool Pump is Necessary

Some of you may be wondering why you need a pool pump in the first place. Well, without it you have a large body of water, possibly exposed to the elements, that remains still for much of the time. That is a prime environment for all sorts of nasty things to start breeding, including mosquitoes and algae. You don’t want to finally come out to use your pool after a long winter to find that it’s become a swamp. It’s unsanitary, unsightly and deprives you of the ability to use the pool. A pool pump keeps water circulating through a filter in order to make sure that it remains clear and free of contaminants. Going without one is not advisable.

Why You Should Replace an Old Pool Pump

As with all technology, pool pumps become more and more effective as the years go on. If you’ve had your pool pump for a number of years, the cumulative wear and tear combined with the older technology probably make it quite a bit less efficient than it could be. A new pool pump will be able to keep your pool cleaner, while saving you more money on energy bills in the long run.

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