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Like all HVAC systems, furnaces need maintenance and regular servicing to function smoothly, work effectively and last for a longer duration. Since the work of the filter is to mainly protect the furnace from external barriers such as dirt, dust, and debris, it is no surprise that furnace filters are very prone to getting dirty quite often. 

Furnace filters need to be cleaned at least once a month for effective heating. However, if you find yourself cleaning your filters more frequently than usual, there may be some issue or problem with the filter or furnace. It is advisable to contact an HVAC professional if you face such an issue. However, before you contact the furnace service in Hemet, CA, know the possibilities of what might make your furnace filters dirty more often than usual.  

Reasons your furnace filters get dirty so fast

Leaving the thermostat fan on

There are three modes in which you can set your furnace’s thermostat: on, auto, and off. If you set your furnace to the “on” mode, it will keep running the entire day, thus collecting more dirt even when it is unnecessary. 

The thermostat must be kept on “auto” mode, automatically turning the fan on and off whenever required, thus collecting less dirt and only functioning during the heating cycle. 

Low quality and old filters

Filters made of low quality do not function effectively and thus, get dirty more often. Similarly, if your furnace has the traditional and old pleated filters, they are also more likely to get dirty quickly since they catch more contaminants. 

Thus, you must ensure to buy good quality filters and change your furnace filters with time so that you don’t have to clean them more frequently than usual. 

Problem with air ducts

If your air duct is located near places that have a lot of dust or dirt or if your air duct is leaking, it can cause lead to your filter getting dirty more often than usual since the air ducts suck the dust and get collected on the filter and a leaky duct brings dirt and dust along with it. 

Thus, if you notice a problem with your ducts and furnace filter, get it checked and resolved by an HVAC professional. 

Dusty house

People with clean and dust-free houses experience fewer problems of frequently changing their furnace filters than people with dirty and unclean houses. A house that is not cleaned regularly has a lot of dust and contaminants accumulated on the furnace filter. 

More contaminants can also be caused due to pets and more people living in a house, which can contribute to the filter getting dirtier quickly. 

Colder climate

People living in chilly climates experience their furnace filters getting dirtier than normal filters. You can also experience a dirty furnace when the weather is particularly very cold compared to normal days. This happens because the furnace has to work harder and produce more heat, leading to the filters accumulating more heat and getting dirtier faster.

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