Corona, CA is one of the hottest cities in So Cal, and an air conditioning unit is far more necessity than luxury when the temperature rises. The last thing you want is to suffer a breakdown just when the mercury shoots past the 100-degree mark. In light of that, you want your AC unit to function as effectively as possible. If your existing system isn’t capable of doing the job, you may want to consider replacing it with a new system. Why consider an air conditioning upgrade? Read on

  • Greater efficiency. The effectiveness of air conditioners is measured by a SEER (Seasonal Energy Effectiveness Ratio) rating. The higher the rating, the less energy the unit needs to work. Older units tend to have a comparatively low SEER rating, sometimes as low as 6 or under. New units must have a SEER rating of 13 or higher. That added efficiency can lower your monthly energy bills by a great deal, offsetting the cost of installation over time.
  • New features. If you have an older unit, it may not come with a great deal of additional features. An upgrade adds energy-saving convenience, such as zone controls (allowing you to cool only one section of the house and leave the rest alone) or a programmable thermostat app (allowing you to turn the cool air on and off remotely from work or school).
  • A different type of unit. You may be using a portable air conditioner or a similar store-bought unit. Upgrading to a centralized system gives you a chance to shift to a new technology that can cool your whole house, not just one room.

If you are considering upgrading your air conditioning system, give Total Comfort, Inc. a call. We serve cities throughout Southern California and will be happy to discuss all of your options with you!