PlumbingSewer lines and main water lines are buried underneath the ground. So when something goes wrong with these lines, the natural course of action is to dig it out of the ground, right?

That kind of work is just as tedious, difficult, and destructive as it sounds (can you imagine the devastation it would bring to your yard?). Fortunately, for both plumbers and homeowners, there’s a much better way:

Trenchless technology.

Of course, when you replace hard work with convenience, it typically means you’ll be dealing with complex machinery. That’s exactly why you’ll need a plumber in Huntington Beach, CA to do the job for you. But first, we’ll explain what this technology is and when it can help.

What Is Trenchless Technology?

Instead of having to dig up the entire length of the affected line, you can compromise with just two holes: one hole for each side of the line. With this method, you can replace small sections or the entire length of the line.

First, a pipe breaker is inserted into the existing line. Right behind it is the new pipe material. On the other side, a hydraulic pump pulls the pipe breaker through the line, breaking away the old pipe and instantly replacing it with new material.

The ends of the pipe are connected to the rest of the system, the holes are filled, and you have a functioning sewer or main water line once more.

When Is Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement Necessary?

So, how are you possibly supposed to know when an underground pipe is experiencing trouble? There are more than a few reliable signs:

You might not be surprised to hear this, but a sewer line can contain some awful odors. If these smells are wafting up into your home or around your property, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with the sewer line.

When the main water line or a sewer line bursts beneath your home’s foundation, that’s called a slab leak, and it won’t be pretty. Slab leaks are capable of putting cracks in your flooring, and the leaking waste can bubble up into the home.

Likewise, if the leak or burst happens outside the perimeter of your house, then it might appear in your yard. You’ll know it when you see a patch of your yard is waterlogged and saturated with water. Of course, if it happens to be the sewer line, you’ll probably smell it long before you have to step in it.

If the main water line bursts, there won’t be sufficient water pressure running through the pipes. You’ll find that your fixtures are not capable of dispensing water at the same pressure as they used to.

If your lawn or garden suddenly erupts with greenery overnight, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not the magic of your green thumb—it’s probably just a sewer leak. The waste in the sewer makes for a good fertilizer, after all.

If you suspect that a sewer line or main water line is in danger, don’t hesitate! Contact Total Comfort, Inc. today. We even have emergency services 24/7.