Have you seen a technician for heating service recently? If it’s been a few years since a technician has checked out your system, consider yourself lucky. Many heating systems that don’t receive any attention every year fall victim to sudden breakdowns that can leave homeowners without any heating right when they need it most. And unfortunately, your risk of heating failure increases every year that you don’t schedule a visit from a technician.

So what can be done to keep this from happening? Experts recommend you take a few vital steps. Be sure to clean the filter every few months, keep a close watch for any problems, and call a technician for professional maintenance every year. In the following list, we’ll go over why these steps are so vital to proper operation and efficiency.

  • Change the Filter: If you use a forced-air heating system to heat your home, generally a furnace or heat pump, then your system came equipped with a filter to keep unwanted particles away from the system and out of the air you breathe. Change or clean the filter every few months or so, not only to prevent air pollutants from circulating but also to protect your unit from damage.
  • Listen for Anything Unusual: If you notice anything unusual with your heating system, never wait to schedule a visit from a technician. Waiting too long is one of the top reasons that heating systems fall victim to much larger repair needs. An unusual noise may simply indicate a loose screw or a broken fan blade, a quick fix that can keep your unit from failing later on.
  • Schedule Annual Maintenance: If you schedule maintenance annually with qualified technicians, they’ll check every portion of your system to ensure its working as it should, let you know of any repair needs, make a few adjustments as they go, and clean the unit from top to bottom. This service can keep your heating system running for longer and save you some money on your monthly bills as well.

Here at Total Comfort, Inc., we’re here for any and all of your heating needs. Whether it’s a complete maintenance visit, emergency heating repair (24 hours a day!), or just a question about changing the filter, we’ve got you covered. Call us today for expert heating repair service in Corona today!