The most common type of residential water heater is the storage tank system. The image of a large cylindrical metal tank in a basement or garage is what comes to people’s minds when they first think about water heaters. Chances are high that you have a system that looks just like this to provide the hot water for your home.

Although many different types of water heating systems are now available for homeowners, such as tankless and heat pump systems, the storage tank water heater retains its popularity for some excellent reasons. If you need repairs and maintenance for your current storage tank water heater, or if you are interested in new installation or replacement of a tank water heater in Corona or other parts of Southern California, call our water heater specialists at Total Comfort, Inc.. Whatever service you need for your water heater, we can handle it.

The water heater experts at Total Comfort, Inc. offer comprehensive services—installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance—for storage tank water heaters in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


With many advanced options on the market today, are there any reasons to stick with the tried–n–true storage tank water heater—aside from it being tried–n–true? Yes, there are. Below are some advantages that continue to keep tank water heaters competitive choices.

  • Cost–effective: Although tankless systems offer excellent energy savings that will help them pay off their initial installation costs, a standard tank water heater is far less expensive to purchase upfront. For your long–term budget plans, it may turn out that a storage tank water heater is a better buy than a more energy–efficient but more expensive tankless alternative.
  • Fast hot water delivery: Storage tank water heaters keep a standby supply of hot water ready, so when you turn on a tap in the house, it only takes seconds for the warm water to reach you. With on–demand systems that don’t use a storage tank, it will take longer for the water to heat up, resulting in water waste that goes right down the drain.
  • Reliable: There’s a beautiful simplicity to the way that tank water heaters work, and that makes them easy to care for and repair. As long as you maintain the system with regular visits from a technician once a year, you should encounter few troubles with a storage tank water heater.


If you have recently moved into a new home, or if you are building a new house, you need to have a water heater ready to deliver comfort. A storage tank water heater is a dependable choice, although you cannot expect to install it on your own: they are too bulky, must connect seamlessly with the fresh water and outlet pipes, and usually hook up to a natural gas line, something you must never tamper with. Installation is work to leave to the professionals. You can also rely on the professionals to size the system correctly so you receive the right amount of hot water without unnecessarily wasting energy.

You will require regular maintenance services as well to keep the water heater in its best condition. And, although you will do your best to avoid them, you may also encounter repair troubles at some point. Keep the number of an excellent 24–hour plumbing repair contractor on hand whenever you need water heater service.

At Total Comfort, Inc., we offer the full range of services for tank water heaters in Corona and other parts of Southern California. Whether you want new installation or you need emergency repairs, call on us any time of the day or night.