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Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

Considering the amount of work that standard water heaters perform in homes, they can have remarkably long service lives. Provided they receive regular maintenance to help them avoid leaking and corrosion that might take hold, average water heaters can often last more than 15 years, and some models will exceed 20 years.

But it is inevitable that even the best–manufactured system that receives stringent annual maintenance will eventually succumb to the effects of time. An old water heater will start to lose both its energy efficiency and ability to warm up enough water to keep a family content, and repairs will have little effect. If your water heater has at last come to the close of its service life, you shouldn’t hesitate in calling Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona to arrange for professional services to replace it. Only trained water heater installers can take care of a replacement so the new unit matches your needs and will work without requiring numerous future repair calls. Do not leave your family’s comfort and daily routines to the work of any but the most skilled water heater replacement technicians.

Do you need to replace an old or broken water heater? Look to Total Comfort, Inc. for your water heater replacement needs in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.

How to Know It Is Time to Replace a Water Heater

Water heaters will start to give you signs that they are wearing down past the point of no return. Some of these signs are subtle, but if you pay attention to them you will have ample time to arrange for a replacement unit before you lose your hot water entirely.

  • Lower volume of hot water available: One of the sure signs of an ailing water heater is one that is no longer capable of supplying a household with the amount of hot water that it once did. If people in your home now have to compete in the morning for shower to make they aren’t stuck with a cold shower, then the water heater is no longer effective and replacing it is probably your best option.
  • Water will not get hot enough: If the water from your hot water taps and your showerhead are cooler than they once were and either take too long to heat up or cannot reach the desired comfort level, it is time to investigate if repairs are worthwhile or if the age of the heater makes replacement more cost–effective.
  • Corrosion: Water heaters are built to resist corrosion—but corrosion will eventually find a way to take hold. If you notice corrosion and rust along the bottom of your water heater, or if your hot water turns rusty–brown, then you must call for professionals to consult about a replacement unit.

Let Total Comfort, Inc. Handle Your Water Heater Replacement in Corona, CA

You don’t have to replace your current water heater with the same type of model: there are many options available now that may give you superior comfort and savings. You can consider tankless, hybrid, and heat pump models.

But before you make any firm decision, consult with water heater professionals, like those at Total Comfort, Inc.. We will help you select and size the new system so that it works even better than your last water heater ever did. We will then handle the hardest work: removing the old water heater and putting the new system in its place.

Place your trust in our experience with multiple models of water heaters when it comes to your water heater replacement in Corona and other parts of Southern California. Call our friendly staff today to get started.

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