The amount of stress that the water heater in your home undergoes is quite heavy, starting with providing enough hot water for morning showers. Although modern water heaters are designed to handle a great deal of wear and tear, they can still malfunction and endanger the supply of hot water to a home. If you make sure that your water heater has regular maintenance done every year, you should have few repair issues—but you still need to be prepared for them. Calling up experienced water heater technicians to handle repairs as soon as you know you need them will help ensure a long life for your system.

Total Comfort, Inc. has a team of technicians on call 24 hours a day to come to your assistance when your water heater experiences trouble. We know how important a steady supply of hot water is for your family’s comfort and daily routines, and we will rush out to your home in Corona or other part of Southern California to restore your water heater to working order.

The water heater technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. offer water heater repair in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


Although water heaters can fail abruptly, most of the time they will show small signs of faults that will warn homeowners in time to call for water heater repairs from skilled technicians before a complete system breakdown. Below are some indicators to look for:

  • High heating bills: When a water heater begins to experience trouble, it will strain to provide the same level of heat to the water. This will result in an increase in heating bills. If you notice a sudden spike in your heating costs, look into the possibility that the water heater is at fault.
  • Reduced amount of hot water: If you don’t seem to receive the same amount of hot water as you are accustomed to (hot showers don’t last long enough, for example), it is possible that the hot water heater has a broken dip tube or heating element. Call for technicians to investigate and find out what is wrong.
  • Leaking: If you spot water pooling underneath the tank of the water, don’t hesitate: call for repairs right away. Leaking could indicate a number of serious problems that will rapidly grow worse without repair work.
  • Discolored water: When reddish–brown water comes out from the hot water taps, you might need to have the tank flushed or other repairs applied.

You may receive no warning at all of a malfunction, however. If your water heater fails to come on and you have no hot water at all, you should reach for the phone immediately and call Total Comfort, Inc. for repairs.


You don’t want to attempt water heater repairs on your own: you could create leaking issues, and any water heater connected to a gas line presents serious dangers. Instead, call on the experts at Total Comfort, Inc. for the precision repairs that will get the necessary job done fast and right. Because a problem with a water heater could have multiple causes, you need the professionals to first diagnose the issue and then find out the right type of repair work. Professional technicians will also be able to identify when a water heater is too worn down for continuing repairs to be a cost–effective solution.

For fast service from technicians with extensive training and experience with water heater repairs in Corona and throughout Southern California, call Total Comfort, Inc. first.