You depend on a water heater every day to handle important tasks in your household. One of the first things you probably do when you get up each morning is to cleanse yourself with a hot shower. Without a working water heater, your day would get off to a much more uncomfortable and unpleasant start—and it wouldn’t improve after that: cooking, cleaning, and washing would all be difficult or impossible.

Although there is never a 100% sure way to prevent your water heater from suffering malfunctions that could leave you with cold water from the taps, you can prevent the majority of repair problems by scheduling regular maintenance services for the system. During an annual visit from a maintenance technician, your water heater will receive a thorough inspection and tune–up, with any necessary tank flushing and other adjustments to make certain that the system continues to work at its best for another year and that wear and tear don’t take an early hold on it. Contact Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona, CA today to schedule your annual maintenance visit if you haven’t done so yet. We will put your mind as ease.

The water heater professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. offer water heater maintenance in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


Any mechanical appliance that runs on a regular basis will suffer from deterioration of its parts over the years—and a water heater works every day, often for hours at a time. In addition to this work stress, a water heater has to deal with the effects of water in connection with metal, which will lead to corrosion unless the system receives proper attention.

The biggest benefit of scheduling regular maintenance for a water heater is that it will prolong the system’s service life. A water heater that receives annual inspections and tune–ups can last from 15 to more than 20 years (depending on the type of water heater). Without regular maintenance, a water heater will rarely last half that long: build–up of sediment, rusted–through anode rods, and worn–down circulator pumps are among a few of the problems that can put a water heater out of commission years before its time, forcing its owner to pay the expense of early replacement.

Regular maintenance will also save you money on repair calls. Approximately 85% of the repairs that water heaters encounter could have been averted with routine maintenance. Technicians are trained to pick up on possible repair issues before they become repair issues and take care of them right away.

Finally, you will save additional money with regular maintenance for your water heater because the system will not drain excess energy. Maintenance reduces the stress on a water heater—preventing leaks, flushing out the tank if necessary—that will lead to it becoming more expensive to run. With proper care, a water heater should maintain its original energy efficiency for more than 90% of its lifespan. (And it will be a longer lifespan, too.)


It takes specially trained professionals to properly maintain a water heater. When you call Total Comfort, Inc. and sign up for regular maintenance for you water heater in Corona, you’ll receive care from technicians with excellent training and dedication. With only one short visit a year, you can expect to have a water heater that will live up to your expectations and make sure that you always enjoy those hot showers in the morning, every morning, for many years to come.