For many decades, the standard way to provide hot water for a home was to heat the water in a storage tank using constant energy applied to it. But methods of hot water delivery have advanced over the years, and now you have a number of alternate choices for your home’s hot water heater that can provide you superior service and energy efficiency.

One of these new options is the hybrid water heater, which combines the benefits of storage tank heaters with the more recent development of tankless water heaters for a “best of both worlds” solution. There are also hybrids that combine a storage water heater with the action of a heat pump. To find out more about these systems and if one of them is right for your home in Corona or other parts of Southern California, call up the water heater professionals at Total Comfort, Inc.. We also provide replacement, repair, and maintenance services for water heaters: whatever you need to keep the hot water flowing for the comfort of your household.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers quality services for hybrid water heaters in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California. Call us for installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance.


The “hybrid” part of a hybrid water heater is the combination of a storage water heater (what people think of as a “traditional” water heater) and a tankless system that heats up water as needed. Essentially, a hybrid water heater uses heating elements to heat up the water whenever a tap turns on to demand it, but it also maintains a small storage tank of water for immediate use. This means you will have hot ready to rush to your taps the moment you need it, as with a storage tank heater. But it also means you won’t run out of hot water, because the heating elements will always be ready to provide more even if the storage tank in empty. You’ll save money, as with a tankless water heater, but also have the convenience of hot water that is immediately available, as with a storage tank heater.

This isn’t the only type of hybrid water heater on the market. Other models combine a tank water heater with a heat pump that draws heat from the outside air to assist with heating the water. These types of heat pumps can help significantly with lowering your water heater bills. To find out what type of hybrid water heater fits your home, call Total Comfort, Inc. and we will provide you with all the details you need.


Hybrid water heaters are excellent options for homes, but not for all homes. You must make sure before you decide to install a hybrid water heater that you consult with professionals. The experts at Total Comfort, Inc. will help you sort through the many alternatives to a standard storage tank water heater to find the best choice that will deliver you the volume of water your household requires while also saving you money.

Although a hybrid water heater that receives skilled installation should work with few troubles, you may need occasional repairs, and you must also schedule regular annual maintenance. Our technicians can take care of all this for you, and they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For all your hybrid water heater services in Corona and other parts of Southern California, rely on us.