I’ve lived in my new house for 6 months now and the AC is running fantastic. They were the ones who installed the system for the home builder. I was so happy with the design and the the way they installed the system that I decided to call them up and ask what type of air quality system I could put in my home.

There were so many options, so they sent James Smith out who is the Field Supervisor. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. I then decided to go with a GREAT air quality package that the whole family will benefit from and he gave me a great price. He also stands behind his work and has great guys working for him.

The following day after ordering the air quality package, Edgar V showed up and couldn’t be any more professional. He was polite, knowledgeable and took great care of our family. He did a fantastic installation and took before and after photos so I could see exactly what he did. He double checked it work and made sure the work was done right. Great install! He also set up my new thermostats and spent a lot of time making sure everything worked and that everything was done correctly.

Because of James and Edgar, I had Total Comfort come to my in-laws house the following week as they gave me a free maintenance for them (what other company does that?!). Jose V came today and was just as nice, just as professional and just as honest as James and Edgar. It was 96 degrees outside and Jose V was working around the AC unit and in the attic for over an hour and did a fantastic job testing, analyzing, and trying to fix all the issues my in-laws had at NO COST! He explained everything to them and did a great job!

The bottom line is… The original system they put in my house was done right and works great, the air quality package I put in was top of the line and of top quality, the service done on my in-laws house was honest and professional. The three guys who came over (James Smith, Edgar V, and Jose V) couldn’t be any more honest, professional, and hard working!

If your looking for an HONEST company, with extremely consistent professional workers, that show up on time and give the lowest price I could find, definitely use Total Comfort.. You will be VERY happy. Not to mention, with my new air quality system, James gave me a maintenance plan for free to make sure my AC is working year round! What AC company does that! Great job Total Comfort and GREAT job James, Edgar and Jose! Keep up the good work.