Over-running your AC during the summer season is a fear most owners face. You must be guilty of drowning in sweat rather than running the air conditioner to save extra money. To save yourself from high utility bills and frequent AC repair services in Hemet, you need to know some secrets about your AC.

Here are some ideas to reduce your AC bills during summers –

Upgrade your AC

If you’re using an old air conditioner and complaining about high bills, the issue lies in front of you. An old system significantly increases your bills throughout the year, so your bills might be intolerable during summers. Bring in a new ductless system and get it installed by an AC repair expert in Rancho Cucamonga to save extra money off your utility bills, especially during summers.

Maintenance is the key

Your AC might need frequent technician visits for AC repair in Hemet due to lack of maintenance. Appliances like air conditioners need regular maintenance from your technician as well as from you. Get annual contracts from an AC servicing company and ask for detailed guides on how you can easily take care of your AC throughout the year. Negligence can take a toll on your utility bills. 

Utilize the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans aren’t given enough credit for the work they can do. Most users turn off their fans while the AC is on, fearing extra electricity charges. However, ceiling fans can help distribute the AC air more evenly, making the room cooler at a higher temperature. They can relieve part of the burden on the air conditioner, lowering energy expenditures. They are more energy-efficient than an air conditioner, which means lower utility bills overall.

Get a programmable thermostat

A smart thermostat can let you quickly adjust the temperature in your home while also helping you save money on your electricity bills. Experts of AC repair in Rancho Cucamonga suggest these types as they adjust the temperature according to your preferences and turn off the air conditioning when the temperature has reached the desired level. When you are not at home, a programmed thermostat can detect your absence and change temperatures instead of you having to adjust them manually.

Change air filters on time

An air filter traps all of the particles that contaminate indoor air. These particles accumulate over time, clogging the filter and making it harder for your air conditioner to circulate fresh air. Air filter cleaning or replacement every three months can help your air conditioner run more efficiently and save you money on energy. Conduct an AC repair in Hemet with a technician who will supervise the filters for every maintenance visit they make; however, cleaning or replacing filters can be easily done by yourself. 

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