ACIf you use a heat pump to heat and cool your home then you definitely don’t need us to explain their merits to you. The versatility and efficiency of the heat pump have made them one of the most popular home comfort system options on the market today, and our relatively mild winter climate makes them ideal for this geographic region. Yes, there is a whole lot to recommend heat pumps, but there is one claim that even heat pumps cannot make.

They’re not going to last forever.

It’d be bad for our business if HVAC systems did last forever, of course, but we’d still be the first to tell you if that were the case. For now, however, like any other HVAC system, the heat pump has a finite lifespan. Routine maintenance and prompt heat pump or air conditioning repair in Pasadena will ensure that your system lasts as long as possible, but you can count on needing a replacement at some point.


When you schedule regular tune-ups for your heat pump, you’ll keep it operating as efficiently as possible in both the heating and the cooling seasons. That should really be a priority—if you’re using a heat pump, after all, its incredible heating efficiency is probably one of the major factors for doing so. If your heat pump really starts to drive heating or cooling costs up, it may be time for a replacement.

Now, in many cases, there will be some repair that can be made to resolve a specific problem causing that inefficiency. In other cases, however, your heat pump may just be so old that it cannot match its initial efficiency anymore. That’s when a heat pump replacement comes in. If your system is old, has always been well-maintained, and is still operating inefficiently, replacement may be your best option.


Heat pumps require more maintenance than a designated heater or AC because they’re doing more work. You should be scheduling maintenance twice a year, accordingly. If you do, but you still find yourself scheduling repairs at all regularly, it may make more sense financially to replace the system.

If your heat pump is still under warranty or needs only relatively minor repairs fairly infrequently, then replacement probably is not the way to go. If it’s out of warranty and repair costs are adding up, though, investing in a new system can pay off in the long run.


Just because a heat pump is leaking refrigerant does not mean it has to be replaced. Leaks can be diagnosed, pinpointed, and repaired, and refrigerant levels recharged. If you run your system too long on a low charge, though, you could damage the compressor to the point where, even if repair was an option, the cost would be prohibitive enough to make replacement your best option. Likewise, a leak in the reversing valve itself is likely going to come with a hefty enough price tag to put replacement on the table.

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