Air conditioning is one of the most significant investments made in the household. Thus, there is nothing wrong if you expect your AC to run without interruption till its maximum lifespan. Many homeowners think that paying for air conditioning maintenance is nothing but an unnecessary expense unless there is a problem that is disrupting their comfort during the summer.

You need to fix one thing inside your mind while investing in a new air conditioner is that regular air conditioning maintenance can save you from significant repair at the later stage. At the same time, your AC runs efficiently with an enhanced lifespan.

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What is HVAC maintenance?

A typical routine HVAC maintenance means turning off the power supply, removing all the covers and grates, checking if there is any internal damage, and performing the repairs where necessary. Regular air conditioning maintenance also consists of cleaning if the washable components of your AC to prevent any damage and help your AC run efficiently.

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How does regular HVAC maintenance save money?

Routine air conditioning maintenance is a smart preventive measure to keep your system running all year efficiently. Here are some of the ways regular maintenance can save you money:

1. Saves energy:

Energy-saving is a smarter way of saving money. Cleaning the condenser coils and air filters provide more efficiency to the working of your air conditioner, reducing the cost of electricity consumption.

2. Maximum Cooling:

A well-charged AC unit gets you maximum cooling without overheating your AC. You can save the money needed to get spent in a significant breakdown and, of course, in your monthly utility bills.

3. Less Repair:

Regular air conditioning maintenance means less repair of your air conditioning system. HVAC components are generally costly when need to get replaced. It’s better to keep your AC maintained to reduce the cost of repair.

4. Maintained warranties:

Every air conditioning unit that you buy comes with specific years of warranty. Not every damage is covered under warranty. Many homeowners said that they needed to pay extra bucks as the cost was not a part of the warranty coverage. Regular air conditioning maintenance is also managing the warranty.

5. Extended Lifespan:

An air conditioner is undoubtedly a significant investment. The typical lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years. If you are using your AC without maintaining it, you may face a breakdown before the average life expectancy, which may cost you a lot. Regular air conditioning maintenance enhances the life expectancy, and your AC may run even after its 20 years old.

6. Save your medical bills:

If this sounds different, it’s still true. If your AC is not well maintained, it may lead to toxic molds growing inside your ductwork. The spores released from those molds can be harmful to your family. A well-maintained AC is nothing lesser than a preventive measure.


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Routine air conditioning maintenance will save a lot in your electricity bills. Thus, there is nothing wrong with saying that preventive air conditioning maintenance often pays for itself.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?

Ans. You may have your air conditioner serviced at least once in a year by professional HVAC experts. Regular easy air conditioning maintenance works like cleaning the ducts, outer unit, and the air filters should be done frequently at home.

 Q. What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

Ans. The air filters of the air conditioner needed to be thoroughly cleaned to help the airflow, the ducts, and the ventilation required to be cleaned, and every part of the air conditioner needed to be well connected.

Q. How do I take care of my air conditioner?

Ans. To take care of your air conditioner, clean the air filters of your AC with water, brush, and mild detergent at home whenever they are clogged. Replace the air filters whenever needed (especially when they are filthy), keep the outer unit of your AC in a shady place, cover it from dirt and dust, clean the external unit with normal water, and clean the fins with a soft brush.

Q. How often should AC coils be cleaned?

Ans. The AC coils need to be cleaned at eats once in a year. It is projected that dirty AC coils can increase energy consumption by 30 percent.

 Q. How can I make my air conditioner cool faster?

Ans. To make your air conditioner cool faster, you need to prevent the outside heat from coming inside your room. You may use thick window curtains to cover the windows. Keeping the outer unit of your AC in a shady place helps a lot when you are expecting a fast cooling. Finally, make sure that the air filters are clean, and the cold air is not leaking out from the room.

Q. How do I know if my AC coil is dirty?

Ans. If you notice an overall drop in the system pressure, that is obviously because of a dirty AC coil. Your AC will fail to cool adequately when the coils are dirty.

Q. What are the essential tips for air conditioning maintenance?

Ans. Don’t try to fix any problem which needs professional intervention. Call an HVAC expert to repair your AC and maintain it at least once in a year. Keep the air filters and outer unit clean for a better operation of your AC. Hire licensed and expert HVAC professionals to perform maintenance.

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