I was recommended here by a great friend of mine, they told me the a/c worked terrifically and the people were fast, convenient and incredibly friendly. My old a/c (before Total Comfort, Inc.) was a huge piece of junk having to sit in the middle of the room, and what made it worse was that the “cold air” was not that cold.We had three additional fans in the house, so we can get some air flow because it wasn”t enough with just the a/c itself. So yeah, of course after i here this from my friend I’m like wow! I need to try this A/C company. And she was spot on, I called in, and with 2 hours they dropped it by! Omar Taylor was very happy, nice, and proud worker. This a/c is so much cooler than my old one, and it’s not taking up nearly as much space as the other one did. So yes, i love it! Convenient, Working, and the workers spot on. Thank you Total Comfort Inc!!

🙂 Satisfied costumer.