PlumberWhen it comes to having a simple leak fixed, you may not need the world’s best plumber in Riverside, CA—you may even be able to fix it yourself. But when it comes to maintenance, installation, and any other complex plumbing task, you should only go with a professional

After all, a handyman who says he can do plumbing is vastly different than a specialist of plumbing services. While one dabbles in the art of plumbing, the other has made it their life. So how do you tell the difference? We’ll tell you what to look for.

They Do More Than Just Leaks and Clogs

If your preferred plumber does more than just fix leaks and clogs, then that’s the first sign you’re dealing with a professional. It should come as a reassurance that your plumber truly knows the ins and outs of plumbing.

Whenever they need to make a change to the system, they’ll know how that change may affect the rest of it—that’s something you learn from both experience and skill. Operating without that level of insight is just careless.

They’re Certified for Gas Line Repair and Installation

Not every plumbing job requires work on the gas lines, but when it does, you want no one but a certified plumber to work on them. Gas lines are perfectly safe when they’re installed and maintained by a professional.

For an amateur, we can’t say the same. There are numerous safety precautions necessary to ensure that the lines do not leak. Installing new gas lines is equally important, given that you need to know when to use the right kind of piping and where.

By the way, you may be wondering why a plumber, of all people, is the one that you can trust for gas line repairs. The answer is simply that gas and plumbing piping have much in common, so it makes sense for a plumber to get trained on gas line services as well. They use these skills in the installation of gas-powered water heaters, furnaces, and other appliances.

Their Customers Love Them

A search for “plumbers” on the internet will land you thousands of results. So how are you supposed to beat choice overload and find the best plumber for you?

One way is by checking their website for reviews and testimonials. Nothing is more powerful than social proof! A plumber who is dedicated to their craft—and their customers—will not be ashamed to have their reviews on display for all to see.

They Cooperate With Professional Organizations

Another form of social proof can be found in finding who the plumber is affiliated with. Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Are they involved with the community? Have they won awards? These are things that should be proudly displayed on their website or social media.

And we’re not trying to say that having a lot of awards necessarily means they’re a good plumber. Rather, these affiliations and awards indicate that the plumber can work to high standards of professionalism. If they’re good enough for those organizations, then there’s a high chance they’ll be good enough for you too.

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