When people think of “maintenance,” they usually connect it with mechanical systems such as cars, heaters, and air conditioners. But the plumbing in a home requires the same level of regular maintenance as any of these other examples, or else the plumbing could start to become ineffective and maybe in danger of suffering from numerous clogs and leaks.

Although there are some basic maintenance tasks you can take care of on your own, such as avoiding pouring liquid fat, grease, and oil down kitchen drains, you will need professional plumbers to provide a thorough routine maintenance service, cleaning the drains, check the water heater, and searching for possible damage to the pipes. Contact the plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona, and we will take care of the maintenance that will keep your plumbing in excellent condition.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers quality plumbing maintenance service in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


Even plumbing made of the best modern materials will start to suffer from wear and deposits over time. High water pressure, hard water, and organic material buildups can all lead to serious troubles in pipes and appliances connected to water lines, such as the water heater. Thanks to regular maintenance, your plumbing and appliances will enjoy a much longer lifespan.

Dirty drainpipes are an especially common issue that regular maintenance addresses. Plumbers clean out drainpipes of the mineral and organic deposits that can start to choke off water flow. Plumbers will also use commercial drain snakes to clean out drainpipes and restore them to like–new condition.

Maintenance also checks for issues from leaking. Leaks are an insidious problem: the longer they are allowed to continue, the worse they will get and the more they will spread. Maintenance will catch leaks and help you have them fixed before they become serious problems that waste water and cause damage to your home. To check for leaking pipes, plumbers use video inspection equipment that will thoroughly examine the plumbing from the inside. These inspections will also detect emerging clogging issues and help the plumbers find out the best ways to eliminate them.


You should make plumbing maintenance an annual event: a year is enough time for the drains to start collecting debris that will lead to clogging and high water pressure. You should also consider scheduling maintenance earlier if you haven’t had it done in a few years, if you have experienced a higher number of slow drains and clogs, or if you suspect there is leaking somewhere in the system.


Getting started with regular plumbing maintenance is simple: call our friendly staff at Total Comfort, Inc. today and we will schedule it for you. Our plumbers are highly trained and have the best equipment necessary to handle drain cleaning and other maintenance services that will give your plumbing a clean bill of health and a reduced chance of springing leaks or suffering from clogs. If you have hidden leaks, troubles building in your water heater, or other potential repair issues, we will discover them and arrange for repair work before the problems grow larger. Let us help you have the most hassle–free home plumbing possible!