If you get your water from the city in which you live, as most people do, then you probably know that it goes through a treatment process before it gets to your home. Unfortunately, the thoroughness of this treatment process varies from city to city. Even if your city has a very good treatment process, it’s never going to be 100% effective. There are all kinds of trace contaminants that can still escape water treatment facilities, and end up in your plumbing system. These contaminants can include lead, arsenic, and all kinds of other harmful particles. If you want to more fully protect your home from that kind of contamination, you’re going to probably need your own water treatment system. Before you do that, though, it’s a good idea to have your water tested by a professional plumber.

Total Comfort, Inc. provides a full range of water testing services in Corona, CA. If you need a water quality test, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll help you make sure that your water is as clean as possible.


Many of the contaminants that can afflict your plumbing system are not in high enough quantities to give off noticeable symptoms. Unless you live in an area with very poor municipal water treatment, you likely aren’t going to notice any change in the taste or color of your water. However, just because your water seems clear, that doesn’t mean that it is.

Some of the contaminant types commonly found in water supplies don’t have a safe threshold for exposure. Drinking any amount of water with lead particles in it, for example, can be harmful. This is especially true if exposed to minor amounts of it for long periods of time, as it can accumulate in the brain. If there’s a chance that your water could cause harm, we highly recommend considering a water treatment system for your home.


So, what can you expect from us after scheduling a water testing appointment? Well, first we’ll take a sample of the water in your plumbing system. Then, we’ll subject it to a chemical analysis in order to identify what is floating around in there that shouldn’t be. Based on the results of that analysis, we’ll be able to recommend water treatment devices that will protect your home’s water supply as much as possible. If your water turns out to be fairly clean, great! If not, at least you’ll know and be able to take steps to fix it.


No matter what you may think about the quality of your water, it never hurts to know for certain what you’re drinking and bathing in. Our professional water testing services are quick, thorough, and provide you with the necessary information to find a proper water treatment system for your needs. If you’ve never had water testing done before, or you’ve moved to a new area and want to make sure your supply is healthy, contact us today. We’ll walk through the entire process with you, and ensure that your home’s water supply is as healthy as possible.