A toilet is one of the major necessities in a home that receives daily use. Few other plumbing components are so important for basic comfort and hygiene in a household. If toilet plumbing should start to work improperly, you cannot delay in calling for repairs from professional plumbers. It’s tempting to open up the tank of a toilet and try to tamper with the interior components such as the float and the flapper on your own, but the majority of issues that can affect toilet plumbing need service from experienced plumbers.

When you call on the team at Total Comfort, Inc. for toilet services in Corona, CA, you will get top–quality work delivered fast. We handle all types of bathroom plumbing needs, from repairs to replacements. Don’t entrust the vital plumbing for your toilet to anyone but the most experienced plumbers: call our Corona, CA plumbers for toilet repair and installation services in Southern California. Contact us today to schedule toilet services in Corona, CA and the surrounding area.

The professional plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc. offer high–quality service for toilet plumbing in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


Because of the amount of water that toilets use during a year, their components can start to wear down to the point where the toilet will begin to leak, refuse to flush, or start running continuously. A plunger can handle some basic clogs, but for any other issues, you should call a professional plumber to make certain the toilet receives the repairs it needs.

A few signs to watch for that will warn you to call Total Comfort, Inc. for repairs:

  • Leaking: There are many possible causes for a toilet leaking, such as loose gaskets between the tank and the bowl and cracks along the bowl. Leaking is a serious trouble because it will lead to damage to the floor and weakening of the floorboards. If you notice leaking, shut off the water supply line and call for plumbers who will locate the source of the problem and find a way to fix it.
  • Continuously running water: If you hear the water running in the toilet long after it was last flushed, it probably means one of the components in the tank, such as the flapper, has worn down or broken. There are other possibilities as well: let a trained plumber investigate and find out what is wrong.


You may have an older toilet that is running perfectly fine, but is wasting an extraordinary amount of water with every flush. Your newer toilet may experience too many repair issues. Or you may want to upgrade the entire bathroom. These are all good reasons to call professionals to schedule new toilet installation. Removing an older toilet and connecting a new one to the supply and wastewater lines is a task you want to leave to skilled technicians; this will ensure that the new toilet does not have leaking issues and will conserve water.


No matter the reason that you need service for your toilet in Corona, CA or other parts of Southern California, the plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc. are ready to deliver the quality work necessary. We will handle the new installation for bathroom renovations, or stop an emergency from a flooding toilet. No job is too large or small for us, and we offer 24–hour service for your convenience and peace of mind. Give us a call today to schedule toilet plumbing services in Corona, CA and the surrounding area.