Most people don’t like to think about the sewer system in their home. Fair enough, since the sewer system is responsible for the disposal of all kinds of unpleasant waste. However, you should trust us when we say that a neglected sewer system will cause far more problems for you in the future than one that you ensure is properly maintained. You don’t want to know what kinds of horrible issues a malfunctioning sewer system is capable of causing. With us on your side, though, you won’t have to. Our plumbing services are trusted by residents of Corona, CA and the surrounding area.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers comprehensive sewer services throughout Corona, CA. Whether you need sewer cleaning or sewer repair, our professional plumbers are here to help you out. Contact us today to schedule sewer services in Corona, CA and the surrounding area with one of our expert plumbers.


The sewer system, as we said above, is a key part of the health of your entire home plumbing system. A large part of the waste that your home generates is evacuated to the sewer main or the septic tank through the sewer pipes. If these pipes are in poor condition, they can become clogged or leak. That means that all that waste might end up backing up into your freshwater plumbing system, contaminating it in the process. Or, it could also mean that the system ends up leaking waste into the soil around your home, which can pose a biohazard. Either way, these are problems that you do not want to have to deal with.

The best way to prevent sewer issues from affecting the rest of your home is to schedule preventive maintenance services at least once a year. These often involve procedures like camera inspection, which allow your plumber to identify areas that require more extensive repairs. Sewer cleaning is another common procedure to clear out any clogs that might be forming in the system, as well as those that may have already blocked the flow of waste. It is a good idea to schedule this kind of appointment consistently, even if you haven’t noticed any signs that your sewer system is malfunctioning.


So, when is a good idea to call for sewer repair services outside of a maintenance appointment? Well, even if you schedule regular sewer maintenance services, you should keep an eye out for warning signs that your system is in trouble. This could take many forms, including:

  • Bad Smells: If one or more of your drains is giving off a smell like an open sewer, then you probably have a bigger problem with the sewer system. This could happen for a wide variety of reasons, including the sewer vent becoming clogged and forcing gases back down into the home (birds’ nests are a frequent cause of this, odd as it may seem). Regardless, call a plumber if you notice this issue.
  • Frequent Backups: If your drains are backing up, especially in multiple parts of your home, then you likely have a problem further down in your sewer system. This could be a partially complete clog somewhere in the pipe. No matter what’s causing it, though, it’s not a good sign. Make sure that you call for repairs as soon as possible if you see this happening.

Ultimately, though, the phrase to live by is “better safe than sorry.” You don’t want to wait and risk your sewer system getting even worse. Call Total Comfort, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers.