With the amount of water that flows into and out of a home on a daily basis, it may seem surprising that residential plumbing systems don’t suffer from more problems than they do. But if a home received a quality, professional installation of its pipes and fixtures, the plumbing should work with few troubles for many years.

However, there is no way to completely avoid repair needs for your plumbing. Clogs are a common problem, and there are many reasons for leaks to start. Worse, aging pipes can lead to serious complications in your sewer and water lines. Whether you have small or large problems in your plumbing, you need to put away your personal toolkit and call for experts to handle the repair work. Total Comfort, Inc. is experienced with plumbing repairs of all kinds in Corona and other parts of Southern California. No matter your plumbing troubles, we can help restore the flow of water for your home.

The professional plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc. provide quality plumbing repairs for Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


Some plumbing problems are obvious, such as water gushing from a supply line under the sink and spilling onto the floor. When you see this, you know it’s time to call for a professional plumber. But many other plumbing repair needs are harder to notice at first.

Here are some warning signs that your plumbing system needs the help of a trained plumber:

  • An increase in your water bills: Leaking is one of the most persistent troubles for home plumbing, but because the majority of the pipes are hidden behind drywall and floorboards, you may not at first notice when leaks start. If you notice that your water bills have risen unexpectedly, you might be dealing with a leaking pipe—and probably more than one—somewhere in your house. Professional plumbers can detect where the leaks are occurring so they can fix the problem with the least amount of disruption to your home.
  • Low water pressure: When the pressure of the water coming from the taps turns weaker, the issue might stem from a municipal water supply problem. But it could also mean leaking or blockage in the water supply line. If the problem persists, you must call for plumbing repair service.
  • Consistent clogging: A single clog that you can clear out with a sink plunger doesn’t necessarily mean you have larger plumbing issues that require attention. But when clogs start to become a regular occurrence, you will need to have professionals investigate to see if you need larger repairs to restore your plumbing’s efficiency.

It is important that you address plumbing issues as soon as you think something is wrong. Plumbing repair needs that are left unattended can lead to enormous problems: high water bills, flooding, damaged appliances, a backed–up sewer system, and mold and mildew growth. Don’t hesitate when it comes to your home’s vital plumbing system: call up professionals like those at Total Comfort, Inc. and have the problem traced to its source and fixed.


At Total Comfort, Inc., we have excellent plumbers ready to assist you around the clock, 365 days a year. There’s no reason for you to attempt to turn repair needs into a do–it–yourself project that might end up creating massive leaking issues and other larger problems. You can call us instead, and we will take care of the necessary work speedily and right the first time. Contact our team in Corona, CA for your next plumbing repairs.