The plumbing in your home is crucial for many daily tasks. You want to make sure that you have the best installation work possible so that you can enjoy comfort and convenience every day. Whether you need to have a new sink put into your bathroom or you require extensive repiping to replace the aging system of pipes in an older home, the plumbing experts at Total Comfort, Inc. will be able to provide the professional work that will get the job done—fast and right the first time.

You don’t have to settle for shoddy quality plumbing: we offer comprehensive plumbing installation services in Corona and the rest of Southern California, and that includes gas lines as well as appliances such as sump pumps and automatic shutoff valves. Contact us so we can tell you about the various installation jobs we can do to make your home’s plumbing effective and efficient.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers full plumbing installation for Corona, CA and throughout Southern California. Call today for an appointment.


Plumbing is a task that homeowners sometimes undertake as “do it yourself” projects, equipped with a few wrenches of different gauges and printouts from an Internet site. But plumbing installation, regardless of whether it’s putting in a new toilet or replacing a corroded pipe, is not a job anyone without proper training and professional equipment should undertake. The risk of error is great, often leading to extensive and expensive water damage to a home, as well as numerous small inconveniences like continually clogged drainpipes. In fact, many of the repairs professional plumbers do come from poor installation work that was originally done by amateurs. The flow of water into your home and wastewater out of it is too important to jeopardize through low–quality work.

When you call for professional plumbers, the installation work will be completed quickly, instead of having it consume a whole weekend of intensive (and often ineffectual) labor. In the hands of trained plumbers, most installations only require a few hours. Even whole–house repiping will go by fast with the right plumbing experts on the job. Professionals will help keep your home from suffering damage, either from leaking water or the work necessary to access pipes inside walls and floors. You will also have the reassurance that comes with all professional work: a quality product installed correctly so that it will operate without problems for many years.


Plumbing installation covers many different jobs. Perhaps the most extensive is whole–house repiping, where plumbers remove outdated pipes made from materials like iron and galvanized steel and replace them with modern copper and plastic pipes. Other installation tasks include putting in fixtures for the kitchen and the bathrooms, placing sump pumps to help remove excess water in the lower parts of the home, laying down sewer mains and water lines, and setting up new gas pipes for appliances like a gas–powered range.

For all these plumbing installation services, and many more, you can rely on the trained professional plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc.. If you need a new garbage disposal or kitchen sink—or anything else to enhance your home’s plumbing—call one of our friendly plumbers in Corona for the installation work that will leave you completely satisfied. Give us a call or fill out our quick and easy form to schedule service in Corona, CA and the surrounding area.