A leak in your plumbing system can spell disaster for your floors, walls and any surrounding fixtures of your home. But the tricky thing is, leaks may not always be out in the open for you to see. If you’ve noticed a drop in your water pressure or an increase in your bills, call Total Comfort, Inc. for leak detection in Corona, CA and the surrounding area. Our Corona plumbers use modern technology to find the source of your plumbing leak so nothing is left to chance.

To schedule leak detection services in Corona, CA and the surrounding area, call up the plumbers at Total Comfort, Inc.. We’ve been the trusted choice for plumbing services in Corona and Southern California for years, providing award-winning service that you will love. From installation to repair, our plumbers take care in providing top quality service for the best performance. When you hire Total Comfort, Inc. for leak detection services in Corona, CA, we’ll get the problem solved the first time!

If you suspect you have water leaks in your home in Corona, CA or other parts of Southern California, call the professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. for water leak detection.


Here’s perhaps the worst thing about leaking pipes in a home: it is often hard to tell you have them until they start causing serious damage. Most of the piping in your home is hidden behind drywall and floorboards, and small leaks can be especially difficult to detect unless you know the signs to watch for:

  • High water bills: Always keep a close watch on water bills, not just to help with water conservation, but as an early warning that you have leaking pipes. Sudden unexpected rises in water costs will tip you off that you are losing water to a leak and should call for leak detection services.
  • Discoloration on the walls: Even a small leak will begin to cause water build–up along the inside of walls that will create brownish stains. Don’t ignore small marks along your walls that look like they could come from water damage: contact a plumbing service that offers leak detection.
  • Mold and mildew: Rising humidity and damp areas created because of leaking pipes will encourage the development of mold and mildew. Both will start to chew rapidly through drywall and warp wood, and mold can create health hazards. If you spot either developing in your home, it’s time to call professionals.
  • Uneven floors: Have you noticed odd bumps under the carpet? Do the floorboards seem to be warping? Are doors not closing right because of shifts in the flooring? Then you may have leaking taking place out of your sight.


When leaking plumbing seems likely, you must call for professionals to use leak detection equipment and techniques that will discover the extent of the problem and pinpoint the exact location of the damaged pipes. The plumbers will narrow down the search area so they can apply repairs with the least amount of damage to your home.

Professionals employ a number of methods to find hidden leaks. One of the most common techniques is to use listening devices, such as acoustic discs and ground microphones, to target the sound of escaping water. To further assist the process, plumbers use pressure scanners that will locate places where water is leaving a pipe.

One of the most effective ways to find leaking pipes is with video camera inspection equipment. These miniature cameras mounted on fiber–optic cables send back images of the inside of pipes to video monitors. Skilled plumbers will not only know the location of the leaks, but also their size and type. This speeds up the repair process.


The moment you think you have leaking plumbing in your home, pick up the phone and contact Total Comfort, Inc. for leak detection. We offer 24–hour leak detection services in Corona, and are ready to assist you when you need to put a stop to water leaks as soon as possible.