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Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

Try to imagine your daily kitchen routine without the aid of a sink garbage disposal. You don’t like the idea of separating food waste from the dishes, pots, trays, and bowls so it doesn’t go down the drain, do you? You probably aren’t fond of dealing with numerous sink clogs, either. But if your garbage disposal fails, these are the kinds of unpleasantness you’ll face.

However, one call to Total Comfort, Inc. will take care of your worries. We offer multiple services for kitchen garbage disposals in Corona and throughout Southern California. Put your trust in us for a fast and effective replacement of your broken garbage disposal.

The kitchen plumbing replacement experts at Total Comfort, Inc. offer quality garbage disposal replacement services in Corona, CA and other parts of Southern California.

Ways to Avoid Early Garbage Disposal Replacement

Although we hope that you will call Total Comfort, Inc. when it’s time to replace your garbage disposal, we also hope that you won’t have to use our services too soon! Here are some ways you can help lower the amount of wear and tear your kitchen disposal encounters on a daily basis so that it will last longer:

  • Don’t pour liquid fat, oil, or grease down it: These three organic products, collectively known as "FOG," seem harmless enough in their hot liquid forms. But don’t let them fool you! Once these liquids cool off, they change into thick solids that are remarkably hard to eliminate. They will not only threaten to clog your drain pipes, they will coat the mechanical parts of the disposal, forcing it to work harder and wear down faster.
  • Don’t put bones and other hard organic material down it: Here’s a general rule to keep in mind for the benefit of your garbage disposal’s long–term service: If your teeth can’t chew it, your garbage disposal can’t chew it either! A garbage disposal doesn’t slice–n–dice food with sharp edges, but instead grinds it down—and it doesn’t work well with hard organic material like chicken bones and unpopped popcorn kernels. Remove these sorts of tough substances to the trash and give the disposal a break.
  • Don’t use hot water when the disposal is running: This may sound strange at first, since hot water is a more effective way to break up grease. However, sending hot water down the disposal when it is running can potentially cause it to overheat. When you need to wash out food particles from the disposal, only use cold water while the disposal is on.

Repair or Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

We don’t want you to schedule garbage disposal replacement unless it is necessary, and we offer repair services to help you keep the disposal running for as long as possible. However, the disposal may reach a point where you have no0 other choice but to put in a new unit. If your disposal is still operating, but no longer seems to grind down the food well enough—you might notice an increase in clogging—then it’s probably best to look into getting a replacement. (Don’t pour ice cubes down the disposal to "sharpen the blades"; the grinders in a disposal aren’t supposed to be sharp in the first place.) Multiple mechanical failures during the year also indicate it’s time for replacement.

We Offer Garbage Disposal Replacement Services in Corona, CA

Replacing an ailing or failed garbage disposal is a fast, standard service for plumbing professionals. Call the kitchen plumbing experts at Total Comfort, Inc. to schedule the service in Corona, or if you want us to see if replacement is your best option.

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