A major safety concern for residents of Southern California is earthquake preparation. Earthquakes can cause damage in multiple ways, and one that is particularly worrisome for a homeowner is breaks in gas lines. Any sort of rupture or leak in a gas line is a potential hazard because of toxic gas exposure and the threat of combustion. In most cases when you suspect a gas leak in your home, you can shut off the gas power and then call for repairs. But in case of an earthquake, when you may not be able to reach the manual shut off or you might not be home, you need to have a back–up plan to turn off the gas power.

This is where an automatic shut–off valve is invaluable. Professionals can install one of these emergency devices onto your home’s gas plumbing that will cut off the gas flow from the mainline in case of an earthquake. This will not only give you extra safety in case of an earthquake, but it will also provide you with valuable peace of mind. You can call Total Comfort, Inc. for installation and other services for an automatic shut–off valve in Corona and other parts of Southern California. As with any job that deals with a gas main, you must leave this work to trained professionals.

Call the experts at Total Comfort, Inc. for earthquake automatic shut–off valve installation, replacement, inspection, and repairs in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


An automatic shut–off valve, sometimes called a gas seismic shut–off valve, is a device that closes off gas service to your home from the municipal supply whenever it detects seismic activity above a certain magnitude. It doesn’t measure whether gas is escaping or not; it will turn the gas off as an immediate precaution should it sense shaking that could potentially cause damage to the line. If you are at home and experience an earthquake, you won’t have to worry about a potentially explosive gas leak or exposure to carbon monoxide gas. And if you are not home when a quake hits, you’ll have the reassurance that your house and anyone inside it won’t be in the same kind of danger.

Although you can reset a gas line on your own should it activate accidentally, the Southern California Gas Company advises that in case of an actual earthquake you contact a SoCalGas company professional to reset it to make sure there are no leaks before service resumes.


It is important both for your safety and convenience that you only have licensed professionals install the shut–off valve. Poor installation could mean a shut–off valve that doesn’t work when it is supposed to, or one that routinely shuts off your gas line when there is no danger at all, leaving you with the hassle of needing to reset it. The technician will make sure the valve is attached correctly and set to detect the right level of seismic activity.

You will also need to have the shut–off valve routinely inspected: you don’t want to worry about whether the valve will work or not when it is needed. Schedule annual inspection by a trained professional, and that way you’ll know that your house and family are protected from an accidental gas line rupture.