I’m not a customer of yours. I previously have a family friend that does my air conditioning services but the other day I was doing some yard work in my front, putting up a wall in my yard and was lifting quiet a few cinder blocks from my truck… Pretty heavy as you might know. But 1 of your technicians by the name of Jose (think his last name is Vasquez or Vargas) was driving by and happened to notice me, and offered a hand to help me unload my truck. I really appreciated the help. we carried a conversation for a few minutes afterwards. He told me you guys offer a maintenance program. I told him I would really consider it. If my friend ever becomes a flake. Very humble guy and was shocked about the nice gesture. Didn’t know there was still people out there that went out of their way like that. If my buddy ever stopped working on my air conditioning unit I would definitely consider calling up total comfort and asking for Jose