Light Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating in Corona, Yorba Linda, Rancho Cucamonga, Hemet, CA and Surrounding Areas

Summer is around the corner and the temperatures have already risen. It is the best time to service your air conditioners and prepare for the heat. At Total Comfort Inc., we bring to the table the best light commercial air conditioning and heating services in Corona, CA

What is a light commercial air conditioner?

A light commercial air conditioner is a type of AC unit which involves natural ventilation and controls innate temperatures. These air conditioners are different from the larger ones as they do not necessarily provide cool air in the rooms. Moreover, a light commercial air HVAC unit uses natural light from the sun for heating purposes. 

Types of light commercial AC

Single Split

If you live in a small building and have many rooms, a single split AC is for you. It is beneficial because the failure of one unit does not impact the other ones. A single-split is a good choice for those with many rooms. Moreover, it is cost-effective and thus very popular. 

Packaged units

A packaged AC unit is the most versatile type of commercial AC repair in Yorba Linda. Such units come under a wide range of sizes and their respective prices. A packaged unit AC has many features according to your preferences.

Despite it being efficient, such light commercial AC units require regular services. If you want an AC repair service call our service providers. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

These commercial AC units are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. A geothermal heat pump AC transfers heat from the Earth’s surface instead of creating heat separately. Moreover, during summers, these units put the heat back beneath the surface of the Earth.  

In a way, geothermal heat pumps promote renewable energy. Since this technology is new, it can be tough to adjust and service it. 

Types of AC services

AC Tune-up

Cleaning air filters and condensate coils, repairing leaks in pipes, inspecting the thermostat, and cleaning AC ducts make up an AC tune-up. An AC tune-up is an essential service that ensures supervising all the basic functions on time. 

Schedule an appointment now for efficient tune-ups for your air conditioner. 

AC replacement

If your AC unit is more than a decade old, you might be considering getting an air conditioning replacement for your house. It is essential to get an AC replaced when the cost of repairs is more than the cost of a new unit. 

An AC service provider will make sure you buy an apt model that suits your and your house’s requirements. 

AC installation

If you have recently moved into a new place or have bought a new HVAC unit, you might also want a professional to help you install it. AC installation is a tedious job and requires professional guidance. Our technicians will efficiently make your AC mount in the right place.

AC repair

It is normal for an air conditioning unit to face usual wear and tear. However, sometimes lack of maintenance can cause more significant damage. Our AC repair services ensure that all the ruined parts are attended to on time and improve efficiency. 

No job is too big or too small for us. We will be pleased to have you as our client and provide you with services with generosity. Contact us at (844) 824-4247 to get effective AC repair in Hemet at your doorstep.