A water heater is an essential appliance for comfort and convenience in a modern home. You use hot water every day for cooking, cleaning, showering, and washing clothes. If you ever tried to make it through a day without using the hot water available from your taps, you’d realize why it is essential to have a quality water heater working for you at all times.

If you are looking to have a new water heater installed in Corona or other part of Southern California, than you will have a difficult time finding better assistance than what we can offer you at Total Comfort, Inc.. We install a variety of water heaters and know how to determine the right model and size to accommodate your family’s needs. Contact us today to arrange for water heater installation services that will ensure the hot water keeps flowing through the pipes in your house.

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There is a larger variety of types of water heaters today than only a few decades ago. The standard storage tank water heater that runs from natural gas is no longer the only option available to you. One of the leading new types is the tankless water heater, which heats up water “on–demand” whenever a hot water tap turns on. These systems suffer from less standby loss of heat, don’t expend constant energy to keep a tank of water warm, and will not run out of hot water.

Other choices to consider are electric and gas–powered water heaters, heat pump water heaters that use the heat drawn from the air to warm up the water, and hybrid systems that combine benefits of both tankless and storage systems.

So how do you choose from these different options for your new installation? That’s easy: call on the expertise of the water heater professionals at Total Comfort, Inc.. You not only need our knowledge to narrow down the field to the right water heater for your household, but you must have our skill to handle the installation work itself. Poor and amateur water heater installation is a leading cause of later repair needs, so make sure you start out right with professional work. Our technicians will also take care of sizing your water heater, an essential step to make certain that the new system will be able to provide the volume of hot water you and your family use on a daily basis.


Whether you are moving into a new home, building a new home, or need to get rid of an old and inefficient water heater, it’s important that you turn to water heater experts from the start. Water heater installation is complicated and potentially hazardous if you attempt it without skilled training—and you will probably end up with a system that fails to meet your needs.

Our water heater team at Total Comfort, Inc. has experience with numerous types of systems, from standard gas–powered tank heaters to the newest heat pump models. We will find out which water heater will give you the ideal amount of water combined with the most energy–efficient performance, and then you can sit back and trust to our installation expertise to take care of the rest. Make us your first call in Corona and other parts of Southern California when you need a new option for a hot water heater.