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Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

You see very little of the ductwork system in your home on a regular basis, so you probably aren’t aware of how important its condition is for maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout a house. If gaps and leaks break up the airtight seal along the ducts, they will result in severe drops in your comfort, a rise in energy bills, and lowering of your indoor air quality. Restoring the integrity of damaged ductwork requires the work of professionals experienced with methods of duct sealing and who have the equipment to perform the job right.

You can reach qualified duct sealing professionals in Corona with only a phone call to Total Comfort, Inc.. We are a full service residential and commercial HVAC company with a staff that can handle any issues you may experience with a faulty ventilation system.

Call the home energy specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. for professional duct sealing in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.

Why Air Duct Sealing Is Important

If you use a forced–air heater, such as a furnace, heat pump, or a central air conditioner, you need airtight ducts to carry the conditioned air to the vents throughout the house. Even a small rupture in the seal of the air ducts will cause the air pressure inside to plummet, and this will cause the airflow from the vents to plummet as well. Ducts in need of sealing will result in uncomfortable temperatures throughout a home.

There is another major consequence of losing air pressure, which is that your comfort system will need to work harder to reach the temperatures you expect from it. This will result in much higher bills to heat or cool your home, and the situation will grow worse as dust and dirt begin to enter the ductwork through the gaps.

The infiltration of contaminants into the ducts will trigger another issue: poor quality indoor air. Ducts filled with dust, debris, and dirt can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in a home, and only professional duct sealing will stop these pollutants from entering the ventilation system.

How to Tell You Need Duct Sealing

Because the ventilation system of a residential building is mostly hidden from sight, it is often difficult at first detecting the need for sealing leaks. You should keep a watch for warning signs that the integrity of the ductwork has suffered damage.

  • Low airflow from the vents: Often the first warning sign of leaky air ducts is a drop in the flow of the air from room vents.
  • Unusual odors: Gaps in the ducts usually open onto closed–in, musty places inside a building, such as between walls, and the air in these locations often has a musty or moldy taint. If you detect smells like this coming from the vents, you probably have ducts that require professional sealing.
  • Surprise spikes in energy bills: Can’t account for the sudden upswing in your heating or cooling bills? The fault may lie in damaged ductwork.
  • Odd noises from the ducts: Damaged ducts will often create rattling and rumbling noises as the temperature inside them changes.

We Offer Professional Duct Sealing in Corona, CA

Don’t let damaged ducts lower your comfort, raise your bills, or threaten your family’s health. Contact the Corona air duct specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. and let us put our experience and equipment to work for you. You can reach us any time of the day or night.

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