The key to energy efficiency in every home is the thermal barrier that keeps hot air from getting inside during the summer and your heated air from going outside during the winter. Much of the touted energy efficiency ratings of new HVAC systems are simply irrelevant if your home is not properly insulated. Not only will you find that your HVAC system is ineffective, but it will also cost you a lot more to operate. If that sounds like a bad combo to you, then let us help with our insulation services in the Corona, CA area.

Whether you need to have fresh insulation installed from scratch or you find that your insulation needs replacement, we can make certain that the job is completed correctly. We offer a number of different types of insulation, including blown–in, spray foam, radiant barrier, batted and Aluma–Foil. We employ expert technicians who can make sure that you reap the various benefits that professional insulation service has to offer your home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals today if you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or HVAC system’s performance. Call now to schedule service.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers insulation services in Corona and throughout Southern California.


As you can well imagine, there are plenty of different types of insulation on the market today. While many can be used in place of one another, there are different types for different applications. For example, if you’re retrofitting your home with additional insulation, or replacing some old insulation materials that no longer serve their purpose, then you may want to have blown–in insulation that doesn’t require demolition in order to access the walls.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to drastically cool down your space during the summer then you may want to opt for a radiant barrier. We use only high quality products such as Aluma–Foil for our customers so that their attic insulation makes a significant impact on their energy bill. We can also provide conventional batted insulation to bolster your existing thermal barrier.


If you think that your home could benefit from professional insulation services, then just let us know. We can make sure that your insulation service is completed correctly. And that’s truly the key to thermal barriers. When done haphazardly or in an incomplete manner, the result is hardly worthwhile. There are numerous benefits to having your insulation installed by a pro.

With the proper thermal barrier, you can enjoy much–improved energy efficiency. Summer is not only the hottest time of the year, but it’s often the most expensive for homeowners as the use of electricity and water increase. Taking care of the fundamentals of home comfort such, as the quality of your insulation, is critical to minimizing such costs and improving the comfort of your home for your family. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your Corona insulation options.