The integrity of the ductwork for an HVAC system is crucial in order to maintain comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency within a residential building. If the ducts in your home sustain damage such as breaks, leaks, or loose connections, you will suffer from issues with air distribution throughout the rooms, and this will lead to other troubles as well.

Since you cannot see most of the ducts in your ventilation system, it can be difficult to determine the extent of the repair work they may require, if any. This is where professional duct testing can benefit you. If you have noticed a decline in airflow from your vents, reduced heating and cooling output, or higher energy bills, you should contact Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona to perform duct testing for your system. Our experience and special equipment will identify where your ducts are leaking air and the best way to restore their integrity—and your comfort.

The Corona, CA home energy specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. offer quality duct testing services throughout Southern California.


Duct testing is not done through a brute force method where technicians examine every section of the ducts, looking for holes and gaps. They use a more precise technique to quickly but accurately pinpoint if the ducts have leaks and how extensive the problem is. The process involves sealing off the entire ventilation system—the return ducts and the supply ducts—and then changing the air pressure inside it so it is higher than the pressure outside.

The high–pressure air within the ducts will attempt to escape through any gap possible. A measuring device keeps track of the pressure inside to see if it starts to drop, which will indicate that the ductwork has leaks. The farther the pressure drops, the greater the numbers of leaks inside the ducts. The technicians will have enough information after the test to determine the amount of air your ducts are losing and how much repair work they require to restore the ventilation system’s airtightness.


It is always a good idea to schedule occasional duct testing as part of a general routine maintenance check for your HVAC system; often, the testing will return positive results and you won’t need to arrange for any further work for the ducts. You can rest easy knowing that your ventilation system is in excellent shape.

Most of the time, you will schedule duct testing because of suspicions that the ventilation system contains air leaks that are affecting comfort and energy efficiency. The most common warning sign of leaking ducts is poor quality heating or cooling found in different rooms. Air escaping through holes in ductwork will not reach the rooms, creating an uncomfortable temperature difference.

This decline in comfort will almost always accompany a rise in energy bills. Your HVAC system will struggle to reach the temperatures set for it on the thermostat, and the strain will translate as higher costs on your monthly utility bills. When comfort decreases while bills increase, you need to call for duct testing to get to the bottom of the problem and find out if ductwork damage is responsible.


Our team at Total Comfort, Inc. wants you and your family to have the best comfort possible from your heating and cooling system in Corona. That is why we offer duct testing services to determine if your ventilation system is responsible for any issues with your heating and cooling. Contact us today to arrange for duct testing services in Southern California.