HVAC Maintenance Plan In Corona, CA

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Corona, CA and Surrounding Areas

The Ultimate Protection Plan

Energy – Savings – Maintenance

As a U.P.P. member, you will receive industry leading customer service performed with the highest level of
integrity. In addition to receiving our top quality service, you’ll also receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced pricing for U.P.P. members on repairs
  • Same day repair response time
  • 36–point Precision Maintenance for your air conditioner
  • 36–point Precision Maintenance for your furnace
  • 10% discount on equipment and ducts $19 diagnostic charge (Savings $50)
  • $49 after–hours diagnostic charge (Savings $140)
  • One FREE maintenance for a friend!
  • 36–point air conditioning and heating Precision Maintenance will be done twice a year
  • Complimentary annual plumbing/electrical/insulation inspection (Value of $149)

It is recommended by the Gas Company to perform annual maintenance on both your AC and furnace. As a U.P.P. member, you will not only receive our superior AC and furnace maintenance, you’ll also enjoy a complimentary plumbing inspection, courtesy of our plumbing division. Our plumbing division provides safety and peace of mind for you and your family by inspecting your sewage and natural gas. Our certified plumbers will also assure you that your water pressure is good and you’re not at risk for any leaks. Becoming part of our maintenance program is the U.P.P. choice!

Total Comfort, Inc. offers electrical inspection services including an annual complimentary Safety Checkup. Our first priority is your safety. Only our U.P.P. members receive these complimentary services.

Air Conditioning & Heating Checklist:


Insure system operates before maintenance


  • Adjust and calibrate thermostat: A properly calibrated thermostat reduces your energy bills.
  • Inspect accessible ductwork for air leaks: Over 85% of all HVAC systems in California have leaking ductwork which can reduce efficiencies up to 55%.
  • Inspect condition of fins on condenser coil: Bent or damaged fins cause the A/C unit to run hot, which increases operating costs.
  • Gauge refrigerant charge in system: Overcharged and undercharged Freon reduces efficiency.
  • Inspect plenum and furnace for air leaks
  • Adjust air flow as needed: Having the correct temperature rise is critical to comfort and efficiency.
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure: Proper gas pressure is critical to complete combustion.


  • Clean or replace customer supplied filter: Dirty air filters can increase energy bills up to 40%.
  • Inspect & flush condensate drain: Check termination point of condensation drain for obstructions.
  • Clean out leaves & debris from outdoor A/C unit: Debris plugs drain holes which cause premature rust and equipment failure.
  • Acid wash condenser coils: A plugged condenser coil will cause the system to run hot and greatly
    decreases efficiency.
  • Clean return area and grill: Prevent dirt and debris from entering the furnace air stream.
  • Clean surface of A/C & heating systems
  • Inspect & clean heat exchanger: A clean, unobstructed heat exchanger improves energy efficiency.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust burners: Properly adjusted burners assure peak efficiency.


  • Safety inspection
  • Cycle high limit safety: Check all system safeties to assure safe equipment operation.
  • Inspect condensate drain pan: A rusted drain pan can cause water to leak into the furnace and
    electrical controls.
  • Inspect furnace area for carbon monoxide: ACO is a tasteless, odorless killer that should be monitored
    at all times.
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Inspect flue draft: A sealed flue is critical to the safe venting of combustible gases and to the efficiency of
    your furnace.
  • Check for gas leaks: Sealed gas lines are safe gas lines.
  • Verify clearance from combustibles: Very important in preventing fire hazards.


  • Oil fan motors
  • Check bearing seals
  • Inspect points on 240V main contactor: A burnt main contact causes poor electricity flow through the switch.
  • Inspect and adjust fan control: A properly adjusted fan control improves comfort.
  • Inspect and adjust blower components: A clean, properly adjusted blower is the key to equipment reliability.
  • Lubricate all moving parts: Poor lubrication causes drag in motors and the drive shaft, thereby increasing energy costs, as well as shortening the life of your system.
  • Inspect and adjust ignition system: A properly adjusted ignition system assures safe, reliable ignition.


  • Measure compressor starting and running AMPS: High amp draw indicates there may be a problem.
  • Inspect A/C fused power disconnect box: A worn or overheated disconnect can cause unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections: Loose or burned wires can cause costly system breakdowns.
  • Gauge voltage and AMP draw on all motors


  • Test cycle air conditioner for proper operation: To complete your tune–up, we will test cycle your system
    to assure proper operation.
  • Schedule next seasonal tune–up: We will also phone you to remind you one week prior and the day before
    we are scheduled to arrive.