Heat pumps keep homeowners warm inside their houses and protect them from harsh weather conditions throughout the winter months. Still, when your heating furnace starts blowing cold air, it becomes uncomfortable and necessitates furnace repair.

Troubleshooting furnace problems

Below are certain difficulties with their solutions intact that you can evaluate and practice:

Thermostat set on AC/ fan

You must check the thermostat to determine whether it is in the wrong mode and accordingly select heat to have hot air inside the house.

The furnace needs time to warm up

Electric coils are designed to heat up quickly. So, wait a couple of minutes to check if the air is warming up or not before looking into other probable problems.

Faulty thermostat

Even if the furnace is in good working order, the thermostat might be faulty, causing the fan to spin without the coils being activated, rendering the unit incapable of producing heat. In such cases, you must replace the thermostat or consult a professional first to be sure.

Dirty filter or coils

A filthy filter will obstruct airflow, preventing warm air from escaping or causing you to feel less hot. So, if you haven’t changed or cleaned the filter as yet, it’s time to replace it.

Broken heat sensor

If the thermostat reaches the required temperature, it indicates that the furnace created enough hot air to cause the sensor to switch off the blower fan.

However, if this sensor breaks, the blower will not be notified that heat is no longer required. The furnace will continue to run without producing hot air and will instead blast chilly air. In such cases, examine the temperature setting on the thermostat and the temperature inside the house displayed on digital thermostats.

When the thermostat’s setpoint is 74 degrees Fahrenheit, but the thermostat registers 74 degrees Fahrenheit or higher while the blower is still running, a malfunctioning sensor might be the problem. Thus, hiring an expert at furnace service in Hemet, CA, is preferable to inspect and fix the sensor.

Coils are not energized, but the contactor is

The contactor is a strong relay that switches on the furnace’s heating components. It is conceivable that the contacts get pitted and no longer make contact, creating the problem. Simply turning the furnace on and off will reset the connections.

However, there is also the group of furnaces that require replacement when they stop working. If your electric furnace is not blowing hot air and you have tried everything else, the contactor might be the problem, needing replacement. You may replace the contactor on your own or call a professional for furnace repair in Rancho Cucamonga.

Burnt coils

Electric resistance heating coils are included with electric furnaces. However, once the coil is removed, the furnace’s blower may continue to operate, producing cold air, and needing the replacement of the coil. If your electric furnace is old, you should replace all the coils since it is only a matter of time until the other coils wear out.

Leaky ducts

When the blower is running, but there is little air flowing out of the grates, some damaged or leaky ductwork is a major reason for the electric furnace’s poor efficiency. You can either tape the ducts using tape or call the HVAC specialist for furnace repair in Rancho Cucamonga and furnace service in Hemet, CA. For more details, call us at 844-824-4247.