PlumbingWhen it comes to plumbing, there are two types of emergencies. One is the kind that’s an unmistakable emergency, like a burst pipe that’s flooding your home. The other kind is the minor plumbing issue that happens at the worst possible time, like a clogged sink on Thanksgiving morning.

Regardless of what type of emergency it is, you’re not entirely powerless against preventing them. There are a range of plumbing products and preventive services that can keep your system in good operating order all year-round.

Automatic Shutoff Valve

This is the cruise-control of plumbing emergency prevention. Simply having this device installed can give you peace of mind, whether you’re in your home or away on vacation.

What is an automatic shutoff valve? Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin—activate the shutoff valve automatically! When the water pressure in the system fluctuates in such a way as to indicate a leak or burst, the device activates and shuts off the water.

This can be absolutely essential in the event of a major leak. Even if you’re not away on vacation, leaks don’t always make themselves obvious—you might go several days or weeks without realizing a leak is there. By that point, you’ll only notice it after it creates substantial water damage or appears as a spike on your water bill.

Drain Cleaning

If you’re dealing with a clog, there are countless DIY guides online on how to handle them. We wouldn’t condone using any of them, but we can acknowledge that it’s very easy to try one of these methods for yourself.

Why mention that at all? Because we want to explain the difference between a clogged drain and a dirty drain. A dirty drain is what creates clogs in the first place. You’re not going to find a DIY method that effectively cleans your drains. For that, you can rely on an expert to do it for you.

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are commonly installed in basements across the country to protect against flooding. After all, what part of the home is more susceptible to flooding and the subsequent damage than the basement?

I know you’re looking at me thinking, “We’re in California, what does a basement have to do with us?” Well, sump pumps can also be used to protect your home in a number of situations:

  • High water tables can cause water to rise and damage the home’s foundation.
  • Hillside areas pose a threat to homes since rainwater will drain downhill.
  • Areas with bad soil density and drainage can cause water to pool up and not drain properly.

Sewer Line Inspection

If you haven’t had your sewer line inspected recently, now is a good time to prevent any surprises. Using video pipe inspection tools, a plumber in Irvine, CA will be able to trace the length of the line with a camera to detect any cracks, clogs, or other issues. This can save you from a nasty sewer line accident, such as a pipe burst or a clog that sends sewer gases up into your home.

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