Furnaces are a long-term investment, usually lasting 18-20 years. However, if they are maintained and serviced regularly, they can last longer. Some furnaces, although very few, are known to have lasted up to 40 years as well. As time passes, the overall quality and efficiency of a furnace usually start to deteriorate, demanding some minor repairs more frequently than a few major repairs. 

Since furnaces differ in quality and maintenance, the average lifespan differs greatly, although your furnace can start giving you some warning signs indicating that it is time you replace your old furnace with a new and better one. You can contact an HVAC professional to seek some guidance regarding the same. However, before you look out for furnace service in Hemet, CA, here are some signs that it may be time to replace or repairs your furnaces. 

Signs it is time to replace your furnace

Age of the furnace 

As time passes, furnaces start deteriorating in their overall quality. Regular servicing and good maintenance slow down the process, making the furnace last longer. However, as your furnace reaches 15-18 years, its quality deteriorates regardless. Whether you experience any major damages or not, it is advisable to replace your furnace after 15-20 years since there is a reduction in its overall efficiency and working. 

Major damages

If your furnace has experienced more frequent major damages in the past few years, it may be an indication that the furnace is slowly breaking down and has reached its expiration date. 

Although sometimes these major damages may be resolved, they cost a fortune and do not guarantee that the furnace will not experience similar damages in the future. It is more economical to spend on a new furnace than on damages. An HVAC professional will give you better advice regarding the same. 

Rising energy bills

If you have started noticing your energy bills suddenly rising to a great extent, it may be due to your furnace not working as efficiently as it should. Damaged furnaces are not efficient and thus, require more energy to supply the required amount of heat to the house. 

It is, thus, advisable to replace your furnace instead of spending such high energy bills. It is thus necessary to maintain your furnace and service it regularly so that it works effectively and runs smoothly. 

Some of the other signs that you may need to replace your furnace can include your:

  • Furnace producing a yellow flame instead of blue, 
  • Producing dangerous carbon monoxide, 
  • Soot collecting near the furnace, which is an indication that your furnace is producing too much carbon dioxide, 
  • Unusual and loud furnace noise, and 
  • Temperature fluctuations throughout the house or the presence of cold spots. 

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