The modern home is built for energy efficiency. When you switch on the thermostat for your furnace or central air conditioner, you don’t expect that heated or cooled air to be immediately spoiled by the climate outside. During the winter, you expect that your insulation will keep your heated air indoors, while during the summer, you expect it to keep the heat outdoors. But sometimes such efficiency comes at the cost of indoor air quality. Because our homes are closed tightly against the exterior climate, noxious airborne contaminants and pollutants can build up inside, and continue to circulate throughout the home.

Whether you are particularly sensitive to allergens such as dust and dander, or you are concerned about the long-term effects that such particles can have on your family’s health as well as on your HVAC system itself, you should consider a whole house air purifier. While you have no doubt seen purifiers in various hardware stores before, whole house models are a bit different. In fact, an air purifier cleans your air not by the use of a media filter such as fiberglass, but rather by sending your indoor air through an ionization chamber, where said particles are given an electrostatic charge. They can then be removed from circulation by means of an oppositely charged collector plate (also known as a cell). Because such air purifiers do not block airflow with a filter, they remain highly efficient.

We have already mentioned briefly the significant positive impact that an air purifier can have on your indoor air quality. While portable units require maintenance as well as shuffling them from room to room, whole house air purifier are integrated directly within your ductwork so that your entire indoor air supply is clean. This means you don’t have to do a thing, but sit back and breathe in purified air. As with any other HVAC upgrade, ti’s imperative that you hire a professional to take care of the installation as well as any future service that your system may require.

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