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Furnaces and Furnace Services in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.


No other heating systems have a longer history than furnaces, which stretch back to times when they burned coal, peat, and firewood to produce heat. Contemporary furnaces usually run from gas or electricity, and they have adapted with the times to remain one of the top choices for residential comfort through winter weather.

If you have a furnace that needs repairs, maintenance, or a replacement, or if you want new furnace installation, make sure that you rely only on experienced professionals. Total Comfort, Inc. has an excellent team of technicians who install and service furnaces to keep homes cozy whenever the temperature starts to drop. If you live in Corona or other parts of Southern California, make us your first call for furnace service.

Total Comfort, Inc. provides furnace installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.

Furnace Installation and Replacement in Corona

If you are looking for a new heating installation for your home, a furnace is one of your best options. You will need to contact professionals for the work, and you should make sure to bring them in early during the process to help you select the right furnace for your needs. Technicians will size the unit to match your home so it provides the necessary heat levels without draining excess power or undergoing too much mechanical stress. The technicians will then install the new system so that it delivers the ideal amount of comfort and operates without any safety issues. Safety concerns are one of the many reasons that you never want amateurs working on furnace installation.

When your aging furnace shows signs it may soon give out, you should also call for professionals to help you replace it. They will locate a new unit that will deliver you superior performance and savings than you ever received from your older furnace, and they will take care of the job of removing the old unit and hooking up its replacement so you will enjoy many years of quality warmth.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Corona

Like any mechanical appliance, a furnace may sometimes require expert repairs to keep it working. Should you notice odd sounds from your furnace while it runs, detect cold spots in your home, or see a strange rise in your heating bills, call for repairs right away from trained repair technicians. A malfunctioning furnace is in danger of breaking down, leaving you with an uncomfortable home during one of the colder days of the year.

You can bolster your furnace’s performance and keep those repairs away with annual maintenance from professionals. Contact Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona and ask about our maintenance program that will make sure your furnace works in top condition with a reduced chance of malfunctions that will leave you scrambling for emergency repairs.

We Offer Services for Gas Furnaces

By far the most popular type of heating system for homes today is the gas–powered furnace. These systems are energy–efficient, reliable, and generate a level of warmth few other heaters can match. Contact us for a new gas furnace installation, or if you need repairs or maintenance for your current one.

We Offer Services for Electric Furnaces

If you do not have a connection to a natural gas line for your home, an electric furnace is an excellent alternative. Electric furnaces are effective at providing heat and have longer lifespans with a lower amount of repair needs, provided they receive regular maintenance. Electric furnaces are also good choices for people who have concern about safety issues due to natural gas leaks.

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