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Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

It’s beneficial to open up a house to let in some fresh air every once in a while. A crisp breeze through a home will remove stale and stuffy air and make the interior feel more comfortable. However, each time you open up the windows and doors of your house, you lose energy efficiency. The insulation seal on your home that prevents heat from entering during hot weather and escaping during cold weather is crucial for keeping your HVAC system working efficiently. You’ll experience much higher energy bills the more you attempt to ventilate your home by opening it to the outdoors.

An energy recovery ventilator (also known as an ERV) is a solution to this dilemma. This addition to your HVAC system permits a continual flow of fresh air into the house that won’t ruin the energy efficiency of either your heater or air conditioner. An ERV pre–heats or pre–cools fresh outdoor air before it reaches the comfort system, so you enjoy fresh air without making any large sacrifices to either your budget or comfort.

ERVs need to have installation from professionals. Call the Corona, CA heating and cooling professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. today and we will help you find an energy recovery ventilator that will bring fresh air to your house any time of the year.

The home energy specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. provide services for energy recovery ventilators in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.

How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Work?

The process that allows an ERV to permit fresh air into a home without causing the heater or air conditioner to struggle against a temperature change is call counter flow heat exchange. When two currents of air are forced past each other, the hotter air loses heat to the cooler air. Through this natural balance, an energy recovery ventilator pre–conditions the fresh outdoor air.

For example, let’s look at the most common situation in Southern California: a hot summer day when the air conditioning system must work steadily to keep a home cooled down, and the doors and windows need to remain shut. A current of fresh air enters the ventilation system from an outdoor vent. This warm air then enters the ERV, which also draws in a current of cool but stale indoor air. As the fresh warm air moves through the ERV, it loses its warmth to the indoor air and cools down. The stale air is exhausted to the outside, and the outdoor air, which is now much cooler, heads toward the air conditioner.

The process works in reverse during hot weather, as warm stale air from the inside heats up the cooler fresh air from the outside. In either situation, the ERV recovers around 85% of the energy that would otherwise have been lost if a home were simply opened up to the outside. You will enjoy the benefits of a fresh breeze to raise your home’s indoor air quality and reduce utility bills. Energy recovery ventilators also help to balance humidity in your home, since moisture moves between the two air currents along with heat.

Call for Professional ERV Services in Corona, CA

You need HVAC specialists to locate the right size and type of energy recovery ventilator for your home and then install it so that it provides you with the service you want. Total Comfort, Inc., as our name says, aims to give your complete comfort in your home: let us help you achieve that comfort while saving on heating and cooling bills with our services for ERVs.

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