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Ductless Heating

Ductless Heating Services in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

When people think of central heating for a home, they usually visualize a furnace or heat pump connected to a network of ducts that channel the heated air throughout a building. However, you don’t need ducts to have a central heating system that uses forced air. The spread of the ductless mini split as an option for residential heating allows homes to receive quality warmth distributed throughout their rooms without the hassles and problems ductwork can create.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Call Total Comfort, Inc. to find out more about how a ductless heating system can be installed in your home to help you through the cold spells in Corona and other parts of Southern California. We can assist you with determining if a ductless mini split is the ideal option for heating your home, and then provide you with quality installation. You can also rely on us for any other services you may require to keep your ductless heating system working.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers ductless heating installation, as well as repair, replacement, and maintenance services, for Corona, CA and the rest of Southern California.

How a Ductless Split System Works

Ductless heating operates as a type of heat pump: it circulates refrigerant through the system to remove heat from outside a building and then release it inside. But where standard heat pumps have a single outdoor and indoor unit, with the indoor unit sending heated air into a ventilation system, a ductless mini split instead has multiple indoor units. These mini–blowers are mounted on walls in different rooms, and each connects separately to the outdoor cabinet through condensate and power lines. The blowers have their own coil to release heat and send conditioned air directly into the rooms.

The Advantages of Installing Ductless Heating

One of the first things you should know about ductless heating is that it is also ductless cooling. As with all heat pumps, a ductless mini split can reverse the direction it moves heat so it draws heat from inside a home, cooling it down. When you invest in a ductless mini split, you’re investing in year–round comfort for your household.

The lack of ducts offers some important benefits:

  • Reduced energy loss: Ductless heating systems are more energy–efficient because they do not lose heat along the length of the ductwork.
  • Zone control: You can operate each blower separately from the others, so you only need to heat rooms that require it, and leave the blowers off in empty rooms. This will lead to significant energy savings, especially for larger houses.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Without dust–collecting ducts to contaminate the air, you will have much cleaner indoor air. This is especially beneficial for any people with asthma and allergies who live in your home.
  • Space–saving: For remodeling and new construction, ductless heating is helpful at freeing up space that would normally go to ductwork. They are also invaluable for older homes without room for ducts.

Contact Us for Ductless Heating Services in Corona, CA

If ductless heating installation sounds like the right choice for your home, then you should contact Total Comfort, Inc. today. Our helpful ductless heating and cooling professionals can answer all your questions and help you discover if going ductless is the ideal option for your family’s comfort.

We also offer services to repair and maintain ductless mini split systems in Corona and the rest of Southern California. Make us your first call for all your needs for ductless heating.

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