Heating Repair in Corona, Yorba Linda, Rancho Cucamonga & Hemet, CA

Southern California enjoys one of the most pleasant year–round climates in the country, with warm temperatures lasting through much of the fall and into winter. However, the weather isn’t always balmy and vacation–perfect: cold fronts and rain can drive temperatures down to the point where residential heating systems have to come on to keep a home cozy.

Because people in Corona and other parts of Southern California do not use their heaters as much as their air conditioners, it is easy to let heaters scrape by when they are suffering from repair needs that should receive attention from HVAC professionals. Often people don’t even realize their heaters are experiencing problems—until it’s too late and the system breaks down right when it is needed the most. Don’t put yourself in this situation: learn to watch for the signs that your heater needs repairs, and then call Total Comfort, Inc. for fast and friendly service to take care of the problem.

Need to get your heater repaired? The experienced HVAC technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. offer excellent heating repairs in Corona, CA and the rest of Southern California.


The most obvious indications that you need to contact professionals to take care of repairs for your furnace or heat pump is when the level of comfort from the system begins to decline and you notice cold spots in your home where they shouldn’t be. If you cannot get the warmth you normally expect from the heater, bring in technicians to find out what is wrong.

The other signs that your heater needs repairs will not be as obvious: a heating system can often continue to produce the warmth you want while suffering from internal malfunctions that will eventually lead to serious problems. One sign that this is occurring is when the heater starts to make strange noises you haven’t heard from it before. Grinding and shrieking noises from the cabinet of a heat pump or furnace can indicate blower motors that are wearing down. Hissing from a heat pump might mean a loss of refrigerant, and booming sounds from a furnace often mean the blower is covered with grime and is struggling to ignite. Any out–of–the ordinary noises from your heater are reason enough to call for HVAC technicians to look into repair possibilities.

Finally, a steep rise in your bills during periods when you regularly run the heater is usually a tip–off that something is wrong with the system that is making it overwork. This is not only a problem for your budget; it will also mean a heater at greater risk of a full breakdown that will be expensive to fix.


Repairs for a heating system are not a place to experiment with “do–it–yourself” techniques. Heat pumps and furnaces are complex machines that require precise and trained repairs. The most difficult part of repairing a heating system is often tracking down the source of the malfunction, since many different causes can lie behind a misbehaving heater. Heating repair can also be potentially dangerous, especially for gas–powered furnaces, so leave this work to experienced professionals who know the proper safety precautions.


It’s easy to find high–quality 24–hour heating repair service in Corona and throughout Southern California: just call Total Comfort, Inc.. We will diagnose the troubles with your heater and provide the targeted repairs that will make sure that it has a long life keeping you and your family warm during any cold spells—and without costing a fortune to run.