When you step inside a cozy house on a cold day, chances are high that the warmth comes from a gas furnace. The natural gas–powered furnace is the most common type of residential heating system in the country for a number of good reasons. A gas furnace working to heat a home is a dependable, effective, and efficient way to keep a family cozy throughout any surprise cold day in Southern California.

Gas furnaces must have installation, repair, and maintenance work from experienced technicians. You should never attempt to tamper with a gas furnace on your own; instead, contact Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona for any furnace services you need, whether it’s new installation or a routine inspection and tune–up. We take pride in keeping our customers comfortable throughout the year with our skill and training.

Call the professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. if you need installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance for gas furnaces in Corona, CA or other parts of Southern California.


What makes gas furnaces so popular? There are a number of advantages they have for keeping a home warm:

  • Ready supply of fuel: Natural gas comes right into a home through a municipal supply line. Unlike using propane and oil–powered furnaces, with a gas furnace you never have to worry about running out of fuel because you forgot to schedule a delivery.
  • Cost–effective: Natural gas is a clean–burning fuel that produces few emissions, and gas–powered furnaces attain some of the highest efficiency ratings among heating systems. Natural gas is also a less expensive energy source than electricity, so you can expect significant savings on your heating bills with a gas furnace.
  • Effective heating: The heating output of a gas furnace is among the best for home comfort systems. This makes them effective for homes that have low levels of insulation and a difficult time trapping heat.

Homeowners sometimes have worries about the safety of natural gas systems like furnaces, but as long as a furnace remains in good repair and receives regular annual maintenance, it should present no greater hazard to your family than any electrical heating system might.


No machine can run with a 100% certainty that it won’t malfunction. Although gas furnaces are built today for durability and dependability, you can expect to require an occasional repair to keep your heater running its best. Since it’s potentially hazardous to work on any system connected to a gas line unless you have training, always contact skilled heating repair experts to take care of your furnace if malfunctions. The technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. are on call 24 hours a day to come to your aid when your heating is in trouble. Whether it’s a cracked heat exchanger, broken electronic ignition, failed fan motor, or an issue with gas flow to the burner, we can solve the problem quickly and get the repairs done right the first time.


The closest you can get to a gas furnace that will never require repairs is a furnace that receives annual maintenance from professionals. These yearly visits will keep your furnace working in top condition, with a reduced chance of surprise repair troubles. The furnace will also remain energy–efficient and, best of all, continue to run with few safety concerns.

Contact Total Comfort, Inc. for maintenance and repair services for your current gas furnace in Corona and other parts of Southern California. If you are in the market for a new furnace or a replacement for your aging one, we’re also glad to put our knowledge and skill to work for you.