Not all homes have connections to a natural gas line, making installing a gas furnace an impossibility. However, electric furnaces are a flexible alternative that can offer up more than enough warmth for the mild Southern California winters. The longevity and safe operation of electric furnaces also make them popular for homeowners in search of a different choice for home heating aside from natural gas.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers installation of electric furnaces in Corona and throughout Southern California. We also have skilled technicians who can take care of any repair service for your current electric furnace, and our maintenance program will keep your heating system in the best shape possible, warming your family for many years.

The skilled technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. provide installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for electric furnaces in Corona, CA and other parts of Southern California.


Although gas furnaces tend to have more powerful heating and cost less to run, there are some excellent reasons to consider electric furnace installation instead:

  • Available for any home: Almost all homes use electricity, so an electric furnace is always an option for residential heating. They are often the most effective choice for homes without a gas line connection.
  • Durability: Because electric furnaces have fewer moving parts than gas furnaces and do not suffer from corrosion due to the reaction between metal and combustion gas, they tend to have longer service lives than natural gas furnaces.
  • Safety: People who are worried about carbon monoxide leaks and combustion hazards from a natural gas furnace will have peace of mind with an electric model, which creates no emissions whatsoever. Gas lines that rupture because of earthquakes are a concern in Southern California, another point in favor of switching over to electricity entirely and installing an electric furnace.
  • Cost–effective: Electricity is a more expensive energy source than natural gas, but electric furnaces compensate with their high energy efficiency. They also have lower upfront installation costs, which make them better fits for some budgets.


Although electric furnaces are safer than gas furnaces, that doesn’t mean you should attempt to repair one on your own. There is always a risk of a high voltage shock from amateur repairs, and modern furnaces are too complicated for anyone except a professional to fix them effectively. If you have an electric furnace that is starting to lose its heating power, or if you hear odd noises and detect strange smells coming from the vents, call Total Comfort, Inc. and our skilled heating technicians will get out to you right away to take care of whatever repairs are necessary to restore your furnace’s power.


Even the short cold season in Southern California can place a great deal of stress on a furnace, causing it to wear down rapidly. Unless you schedule annual maintenance for it from professionals, your furnace may end up with a short life. When you sign up for the maintenance program from Total Comfort, Inc., we will have your electric furnace inspected and tuned–up every year so that it will always be ready to keep you warm and will operate for many years. Our maintenance professionals will also see that your electric furnace isn’t draining power and unnecessarily raising utility bills.

We are available for all your electric furnace service needs in Corona and throughout Southern California. You can reach our technicians 24 hours a day whenever you require emergency repair assistance.