Total Comfort’s cuddly, non-threatening polar bear logo had caught my eye in the Orange County Clipper Magazine. Normally like any other yelper/we skip all of the home services coupons to get to the food promos. But since I’m an enthusiast to anything cartoon-ish, also noting the fact he resembles the ICEE bear, I figured I’d look into them.

A couple weekends ago it was hitting the 90s and I have animals, causing crummy stuffy air in my home, so I checked their site and noticed they take care of air quality. Being that I can’t seem to stop living in stuffy, small cramped houses or apartments, I figured I’d have them come and do the tune up special (which was $34.95 at the time) I also thought I’d ask about what they can do for the air quality.

I do not generally go for anyone that I haven’t already established some type of business with, but my friends swear by this place. Especially my female friends who were happy that they didn’t have creepers showing up to the door like most places in the business. I talked to someone named (Gloria? Dora?) and she sounded nice and set up my appointment for the next day.

Tech showed up about 25 min into the time frame of 3 hours, which is pretty good considering other companies *COUGHCOUGH TIME WARNER COUGH* keep you waiting all freaking day. The tune up itself wasn’t that long, I’m not exactly well versed in anything that goes into it, but the employees James and Lance dumbed down the process for me and advised I should be getting it every six months or so. They did exemplary work and answered all of the annoying questions I had since I’m such a cynic that doesn’t believe anything at first. Fair enough. Lance was also really clean, he wore these stylish puffy shoe covers on his work shoes that I’m pretty sure they all get shit for, and I noticed he smiled the whole time. That’s always a plus. He also explained the “IAQ” package for the air quality since my rabbits shed faster than I’ll ever be able to shed pounds. Needless to say I didn’t have any money, but I figured it’s always a good idea just to have the knowledge for the future.

Would I use them again? Totally…cool logo, plus cheap, plus fast and they aren’t that awkward caliber of pushy that I fear when having any company come out to my home.

*MAKE SURE you are there for the whole time frame though…I made the mistake of assuming they were going to be there exactly at 12 but forgot about the actual window of arrival and had to turn around running an errand when they got there pretty fast. Also it looks like the website still has coupons running so if you schedule check it out before making an appointment it could save some money!