As Yorba Linda city sees cold and harsh winters, we all rely on our heating systems to ensure warmness and comfort. As the winter arrives, the extensive usage after the long break puts it under sudden load, which may cause trouble. Apart from heavy use, there can be certain other reasons that might cause your heating unit problems.

That is why there is an indispensable need during the season for heating services in Yorba Linda. However, it is recommended to rely on only professional and trusted HVAC services to repair your central heating Yorba Linda. An unprofessional repair or servicing may result in further faults, which can cause you a hefty amount to fix.

Various HVAC system to invest in:

  • Furnace– The heat is generated by fuel or electricity and is distributed through ducts.
  • The boiler uses hot water and steam to heat air and is then distributed by a central heating system.
  • Heat pump– Perfect for Californian weather; it can be used to cool and heat the air.
  • Hybrid heating system– Uses both fuel and heat pump energy.
  • Ductless mini-splits– Distinct HVAC zones with their thermostats.
  • Radiators- Provides hot water/electric heat through a network of tubes.
  • Baseboard heaters- Perfect for a backup heating source.

Top 10 common central heating problems

  • Lack of maintenance: Most often, it is the negligence of previous house owners or people waiting for service winters.
  • Zero tune-ups: Many people get their heating systems checked by contractors or other unskilled companions. This is wrong in many ways because it is never a basic tune-up!
  • Dirty filters: Often, people neglect regular cleaning of filters, which eventually lead to the collection of debris and gunk, making it dirtier with time.
  • Physical breakdown: Harsh and careless use can lead to mechanical breakdown inside out.
  • Core Malfunctioning: Electric Ignition & Pilot Control malfunction is one of the most common issues when no professional servicing is done.
  • Thermostat not working properly: Timely servicing and repairs can fix broken down thermostats for an efficient heating system.
  • Less or no heat: This is one of the warning signs that your heating system needs repair without wasting any time.
  • Uncontrolled blowers: Unnecessary blowing with little to no temperature control.
  • Furnace making noises: These noises can either come from the bearings or the motor. It is due to diminishing lubrication. In the worst cases, the blower belt might be damaged.
  • Short cycling: If you see too frequent cycling, it may be a sign of an overheated system. Or worse, the heat exchanger must have damaged or broken down.

Why need a professional heating service?

Many people go for unprofessional agencies that do not come with any guarantee. Getting your central heating system repaired only by professional heating services in Yorba Linda can make it efficient and long-lasting.

At Total Comfort Inc, we promise guaranteed and effective tune-ups, maintenance and repairs for your central heating system. We provide all HVAC services with our team of trained technicians at reasonable rates. Besides home heating servicing & tuning, we also provide repairs for commercial air-conditioning, heating and all other HVAC services all over Southern California.


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