It’s true that a heating or cooling system is only as good as its thermostat. The most powerful and energy–efficient air conditioner will mean very little if it can’t be properly controlled. The thermostats that regulate the HVAC system for your commercial property need professional services—starting with installation—to ensure they work correctly and provide you the fullest use of your company’s heating and cooling system.

Our commercial service specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. are familiar with many types of thermostats available for businesses. If you think that it’s time to upgrade your old thermostat system to one of the more advanced models, call us and our experts will guide you through your options. You can also rely on us for repairs whenever a broken thermostat begins causing issues. We offer excellent thermostat services for businesses in Corona and other parts of Southern California.

Do you need help with your commercial thermostat? Call the commercial heating and cooling professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. for thermostat installation and services in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


You have more choices for thermostats now than in the days when manual thermostats with sliders and dials were the only option. If you still use manual thermostats, you are missing out on opportunities to save money on heating and cooling costs while delivering your employees and customers a far more comfortable environment.

The most basic upgrade for your thermostat is to switch to a digital model. Digital thermostats are easier to operate and have more precise controls, allowing for more energy–efficient operation of a heating and cooling system. Programmable digital thermostats give you greater control over temperatures, allowing you to automate heating and cooling even when no one is in the office space. Programmable thermostats are ideal for businesses because they significantly reduce waste: you won’t have to worry about someone forgetting to turn off the air conditioning on Friday afternoon and leaving it on all weekend!

However, you can go a few steps beyond programmable models. Wireless thermostats are popular for businesses because their lack of hardwiring makes them easy to place anywhere in a building. They can also operate from remote controls.

The current height of commercial thermostat technology is the smart thermostat. A smart thermostat learns from your regular patterns of heating and cooling and creates its own program that maximizes HVAC system performance. It also monitors energy use and can be controlled remotely through your computer, laptop, or mobile device. Smart thermostat systems require intricate professional installation, but they are remarkably user–friendly and will start saving a business money as soon as they come on.


Don’t take the thermostat system that handles the heating and cooling in your business for granted! An out–of–date thermostat could be costing you money every year, and even small miscalibrations in one of the thermostat units spread throughout the workspace can mean discomfort that will affect employees and customers.

Thermostats are one of the easier replacement and repair jobs for professionals to handle, and they can take care of the work with a minimum of disruption to work flow. Never hesitate to call Total Comfort, Inc. when you require service for commercial thermostats. We will help you upgrade an outdated thermostat system, and we can take care of any repair work necessary to restore a malfunctioning thermostat. Call us any time of the day or night.