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Commercial Humidifiers

Commercial Humidifier Services in Corona, CA by Total Comfort, Inc.

Most of Southern California remains dry throughout the year, with conditions that are desert–like (if not actual deserts). Although low humidity is good news for people outdoors during hot days, since heat is more tolerable with lower amounts of moisture in the air, continual levels of relative humidity below 50% can mean serious problems indoors for a business. Health issues, damage to building materials, and elevated heating bills can all plague a company that suffers from air that is too dry.

Total Comfort, Inc. cares about your business’s success and comfort, and we offer services for commercial humidifiers to help you when you have dry air plaguing your workspaces. Call us in Corona and other parts of Southern California to find out what we can do to balance the humidity in your building and make it a more productive and pleasant place for workers, customers, and/or clients.

The commercial indoor air quality experts at Total Comfort, Inc. offer installation, repairs, and maintenance for commercial humidifiers in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.

Problems in a Commercial Building Due to Low Humidity

Although it is true that dry air helps people feel more comfortable in the heat, excessively dry air will trigger serious problems. During spells of cool weather, dry air will make the temperature in a business seem chillier than it actually is, since low moisture allows heat to escape from the human body much easier. This will mean higher energy bills as your company’s heating system runs longer to keep employees and customers comfortable.

Dry air is also damaging to people’s health. It leads to dried–out mucus membranes, which makes the transmission of illnesses such as the common cold and influenza much easier. Low humidity also encourages the development of a number of viruses, and it leads to skin and eye irritation and respiratory difficulties. It is important to restore relative humidity levels to above 50% to prevent these health hazards that can make for an unpleasant work environment.

Finally, low humidity draws moisture out of building material. Wood will start to crack and warp under dry conditions, and precision appliances in a workplace will suffer. You can also expect cracked and peeling paint and lacquer when the humidity drops too low.

Contact Total Comfort, Inc. for Commercial Humidifier Services in Corona, CA

You can’t solve humidity troubles for a whole company with a few portable humidifiers placed around the rooms. It takes a professionally installed humidifier in the HVAC system to properly balance moisture levels. When you contact the team at Total Comfort, Inc. for commercial humidifier services, our technicians will make sure that you receive a humidifier that works properly and provides you with the right balance of humidity. You wouldn’t want your humidifier to make your workplace too damp and give you a whole new set of difficulties!

Commercial humidifiers must also have routine maintenance from skilled technicians to make sure they work correctly and keep the right humidity levels. Repairs may be occasionally necessary, as well as replacement work if the humidifier finally fails.

Whatever your needs to balance the humidity levels in your business, you can trust to the Corona commercial indoor air quality experts at Total Comfort, Inc. to deliver the high quality work necessary for a healthy and pleasant workspace.

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