No matter what part of the country a business is located, at some point it will require heating to maintain indoor comfort. This applies even to sunny Southern California: you can’t just rely on an air conditioning system and expect to keep employees, customers, and/or clients happy and satisfied throughout the year. A quality commercial heating system is a must.

Because the demands for heating in a commercial building are much larger and more complex than those in a home—even an enormous home—it takes specialists to handle the necessary installation, repair, and regular maintenance that will ensure the system performs at its best. Poor–quality or amateur work on a commercial heater will translate into wasted energy and an uncomfortable environment for everyone in the workspace. The next time you require service for commercial heating in Corona or other parts of Southern California, contact the professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. and let us take care of all your worries.

Total Comfort, Inc. offers comprehensive services for commercial heating in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


When the time comes to install a new heating system for your business, whether in a new building or to replace a failing current system, the first thing the professionals will do is to properly size the new heater. Sizing a heating system is a complex process for any commercial building, since the installers must take into account numerous factors, such as the volume of space, the layout, the number of employees and average number of visitors who require comfort, and the heat given off from various appliances.

Once the professionals have determine the optimal size of heater to handle the requirements of the workspace, they will work quickly to put the system into place while taking the time to make certain the heater operates at highest efficiency and without danger of malfunctions. Whatever the reason you need a new heating installation, the Corona, CA commercial specialists at Total Comfort, Inc. can do the job you need.


Although a business in Southern California will need its heating system to run less often than its air conditioning system, the heater will still sustain significant wear and tear over a season. Regular maintenance from a commercial heating professional done once a year will help take the strain off of the comfort system. This will reduce the chance of an abrupt breakdown, lower the amount of repairs the heater may need, keep energy bills from spiking, and provide the heating system with a longer lifespan.

Malfunctions can still happen, even with the best care. To make sure that your heating comes back to full power as soon as possible, call on the 24–hour professional technicians to take care of the repair work. Total Comfort, Inc. has around–the–clock and around–the–calendar services. We also provide excellent regular maintenance work.


A heating system, whether for a business or a home, can only work as well as the controls that operate it. The thermostats that maintain the heating levels in your commercial space are vital for comfort and energy savings. If you need to upgrade the thermostat, or if you plan to add a new thermostat along with a heating system installation, our technicians will be glad to take care of it. We can also handle any repairs your current thermostat may require. Call our team at Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona to schedule service.