Southern California is known for its dry heat, but that does not mean we will always escape the troubles of high humidity, especially inside commercial buildings that use large amounts of running water. Any building can suffer from high moisture levels that will lead to problems with comfort, the development of organic pollutants, and water damage.

Commercial dehumidifiers are the best way to balance the humidity inside a business space. There are no shortcuts to this: you must contact indoor air quality specialists to inspect your business and its HVAC system and then install the dehumidifier that will give you a beneficial balanced humidity level. Our professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. are available to install and service commercial dehumidifiers in Corona, CA and other parts of Southern California. If you have issues from high humidity that are interfering with your business, give us a call and we will help you toward the optimal solution.

The indoor air quality experts at Total Comfort, Inc. offer commercial dehumidifier services in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California.


You already know how uncomfortable high humidity feels during hot weather. The increased amount of moisture in the air slows down the evaporation of heat from the human body through sweating, making warm temperatures feel even higher than they are. What this means inside a business is not only an uncomfortable environment for everyone present, but also a rise in air conditioning bills since the AC must remain on longer to keep employees, customers, and clients feeling cool enough. A dehumidifier will make your business more comfortable and less expensive to keep cool.

A dehumidifier is helpful to combat the health hazards that can arise from high humidity. Excess moisture encourages the growth of molds that can release toxic spores. It also can cause an increase in congestion and breathing troubles.

Finally, excess moisture will lead to water damage throughout your business. Water damage doesn’t require much water—this isn’t just a problem that comes from flooding! The development of mold and mildew from moisture will eat through drywall and warp wood, leading to serious wood rot problems that can harm structural integrity. Water damage is usually costly to repair, so you want to reduce the chances of it occurring—and a commercial dehumidifier is an excellent way to do this.


The air conditioning system in your commercial building does provide some level of dehumidification: as the evaporator coil absorbs heat from the indoor air, it also absorbs moisture. However, an air conditioning system is not actually designed as a dehumidifier, and it will rarely work effectively for large commercial spaces suffering from excessive humidity. It takes specially installed dehumidifiers to handle the problem—and for that you will need indoor air quality specialists to select, size, and install the unit so that it does its job properly.

This is why you should contact the Corona, CA commercial HVAC technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. when you have a muggy commercial building. We are experienced with finding ways to balance humidity levels in buildings, and we will install a dehumidifier that will make sure your workspace is neither too damp nor too dry. We also offer repair and maintenance work that will ensure a dehumidifier that works for many years providing your business with comfort, health, and air conditioning savings.