It’s an unfortunate fact that, given enough time, dust and dirt, as well as other types of contaminants, will build up inside the ventilation system of a commercial building. Poor indoor air quality has become an increasingly common issue for companies in the U.S., but there are many ways to counteract these threats to the comfort and health of employees, customers, and clients. One of the best methods is to have commercial HVAC specialists install an air purification system that will remove the contaminants which harm a company’s indoor air quality.

Air purifiers come in a variety of types. You should never attempt to purchase one on your own or install it for your business because you won’t have a good idea of what sort of particles and pollutants you need to remove, or how powerful the air purifier needs to be. The answer is to call Total Comfort, Inc. in Corona, CA and have our skilled team take care of choosing an air purifier and installing it. We also handle repairs and maintenance so your air purifier will continue to protect your company’s air quality.

For installation and other services for a commercial air purifier in Corona, CA and throughout Southern California, call the trained technicians at Total Comfort, Inc. today.


Many different types of pollutants can create hassles for a work place. Dust, dirt, dander, pollen, and debris from construction are the most common. Also frequent are fumes and gases that come from cleaning materials, paint, equipment, and pesticides. Humidity issues inside the ventilation system may also lead to biological hazards, and microorganisms that cause illness are also worrisome.

With the professionals at Total Comfort, Inc. working with you, you will find the best type of air purifier to eliminate such problems. Air filters are the most common method of purifying air. A HEPA air filter is one of the most efficient and effective mechanical filters for catching larger debris, such as dust. It is important for your HVAC system to receive a HEPA filter that is effective enough to trap particles without cutting down on air flow. Our experts will help determine the right type of mechanical filter for the job.

Another useful kind of air purifier is the electronic air purifier, which ionizes air to remove smaller pollutants. They are especially helpful for eliminating gases and odors. If you have problems from biological growth and viruses, a UV air purifier that uses the clean power of ultraviolet light is an excellent solution. Your trained indoor air quality professional will guide you toward the right system for your company.


It is vital for the success of any air purification system, from HEPA filters to UV air cleaners, that it receives work from a skilled technician familiar with commercial indoor air quality. An air purifier must have the best installation possible to ensure that it works as it should. The purifier will also need routine maintenance to inspect it and clean it so that continues to do its helpful job. Repairs for air purification systems are sometimes necessary, and technicians will help you with this as well.

Call on Total Comfort, Inc. for whatever work you need to clean the air for your company. We have 24–hour emergency repair service, and offer high–quality installation, replacement, and maintenance for a variety of air purifiers in Corona and other parts of Southern California.